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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why the sudden popularity of Liberty on Fox?

by Uncle Rahn

Why the sudden popularity of Liberty on Fox?

Here comes the carrot…. Can you resist?

The neo cons have been defeated. The neo libs are in control. Or something along those lines... Who will fill the void?

We will.

Both of these interests have noticed the Liberty movement. They see the passion, the growth, the need for the message.

The neo libs seem to be fighting. The neo cons embracing.

We are being embraced by the neo cons? Yes, I think so. Why?

We are drawn by the carrot of media coverage, but they send mixed messages while drawing our audience in. It is wonderful to hear the voices of our most astute speakers on the MSM, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Andrew Napolitano, Lew Rockwell. Yes the neo cons have embraced the fiscal message, is that enough?

It is a platform the men I’ve mentioned and others use to Press the other aspects of Liberty, that is for certain. Is it worth it?

The hunger for the message is obvious and real, they are simply reacting to market forces, we are the market force. Can we not create and sustain our own media? Must we rely on nanny media to carry our torch?

Can you see the bend in the message on these outlets?

Don’t misunderstand my appreciation for how huge it is to get these voices out on these major media outlets. But it is only because we have been so successful in helping to create the hunger for it that they now throw us a bone… What else they got?

Let’s use this opportunity as a booster for Freedom Media, they wet the appetite for Freedom in the mind of the masses, let us fill their bellies.

They know not what they do.

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