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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Council on Foreign Relations Issues Report on How to Construct Global Government

by: Allison Bricker

Old Thinker News recently reported on a research program originally announced by the Council on Foreign Relations last year outlining the process how best to implement a global government. The report entitled, “International Institutions and Global Governance Program: World Order in the 21st Century” outlines the five-year research agenda, made possible by a grant from “The Robina Foundation”, to modernize and implement a scheme of world government. The CFR opines that the current structure of multilateral institutions provide an inadequate foundation on which to implement their agenda of international governance.1

The report’s thesis is merely a larger extrapolation of the philosophy espoused by President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…It’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

--Rahm Emanuel

The CFR report outlines four areas, which by their estimation present a window of opportunity to implement and expand mechanisms of global governance. These areas should come as no surprise as they are the same crisis/government provided solution talking points exaggerated prior to the debt recession taking center stage.

* International Response to the “Global War on Terror”
* International Protection of the Environment/Energy Security
* International Management of the Global Economy
* Supporting the doctrine of Preemptive War

The report goes on to say that one possible implementation likely to work would be a formal international organization allowing for universal membership such as the United Nations coupled along with regional or sub-regional organizations as we see with the African/European Unions, G8, NATO, etcetera. Moreover, the CFR suggests incorporating Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) as well as “super-empowered individuals”, ergo Bono in order to sell the idea successfully to the public.

The Council on Foreign Relations rationalizes the need for the creation of an international government due to their flawed assessment that no single country, can address these issues on their own with out multilateral assistance. Therefore, we see yet again that the answers provided are merely a response to problems wholly created by multinational oligarchs in the first place. Whether it is the economic collapse at the hands of the world’s central bankers or the chess game of international antagonism at the behest of the United Nations, which more often than not results in the outbreak of war, the CFR seeks to implement the tired shell game of government created problem supplanted with an international governmental solution.

However, most alarming to this blogger, is the report’s outright hostility to national sovereignty and disdain for our Republic’s Constitution.

Read the rest (plus the full CFR report) at the Smoking Argus Daily.

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