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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Israeli hypocrisy on Iran

by Ray Gordon

Israeli President Shimon Peres applauded Iran's pro-reform protesters in remarks Sunday. In that same weekend, Israeli forces dispersed a peaceful Palestinian march in the West Bank city of Hebron, attacking the protesters with batons and rifle butts, and wounding three protesters.

Peres says, let the young people in Iran "raise their voice for freedom." Meanwhile, Israel has been denying freedom to Palestinians for more than 40 years, maintaining a brutal occupation and oppression in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This past week, 40 United Nations and international humanitarian agencies called on Israel to end its Gaza blockade, to no avail.

Finally, a new report by Defence for Children International details how Israeli security forces routinely beat and torture Palestinian children in the West Bank. Before Peres criticizes the behavior of other countries, he should speak out against the many Israeli violations of basic human rights of the Palestinians.

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