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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bernie Madoff, 150 Years, and Ponzi Schemes That Aren’t Indicted

by Aaron Turpen

Well, on Monday, June 29, Bernard L. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison (the maximum) for what has been widely considered the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of Wall Street scheming. The trial wasn’t exactly a roller-coaster and didn’t attract a lot of attention from the public except for the occasional headlines when someone famous showed up.

Or when one of Madoff’s many “victims” appeared to boob about their losses and how their lives were “ruined.” Usually while standing in front of cameras wearing $1,200 outfits and with freshly-saloned hair styles. I doubt any of them drove to the courthouse in a Honda either.

Sure, a lot of charities, funds, investors, and so forth lost a lot of money when Madoff’s scheme collapsed, but they took risks when they invested. Nothing on Wall Street is a sure thing. Nobody can even guarantee that gold, silver, oil, or even real estate will have value next week or next year.

Yes, some things are a little more likely than others, but nothing is “for sure.” If there is no food, for instance, no amount of gold or dollars can buy food. If there is no trust in the justice system, then no amount of pontification on the system can make it trustworthy again.

So as middle-aged soccer moms with coiffed hair and $400 purses lament to the cameras about their mother’s lost inheritance to Bernie’s “crimes,” the real questions are ignored by the popular press.

While Madoff admits that he’s “responsible for a great deal of suffering and pain” in his statement to the court, there are plenty of others who will never be questioned, brought to trial, or indicted and convicted for bringing even greater and more untold suffering to people around the nation and the world.

The elites, the bankers, the New World Order, the Bilderbergs–give them any name you will–are not likely to be seen in any court room begging a judge for mercy. They aren’t likely to be seen on television, stooped with the weight of their guilt, awaiting the sentence they so richly deserve. In fact, they aren’t likely to be seen. Period.

Yet these hucksters have brought more fraud, more suffering, more losses, and more injustice to We the People than any other group of people in history. They make the Nazis, the Bolshevicks, and the Maoists look like choir boys in comparison. Yet they will not likely see a hangman’s rope, a firing squad, or even a jury arrayed against them.

The Federal Reserve, which could be the greatest Ponzi scheme ever enacted, chugs on in its endeavors to undermine everything we work for. While Madoff’s trial and conviction took only a few months, in that same time Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill is still hanging around Congress with more than enough co-sponsors to get passed–yet it hasn’t even come up for vote.

Why is Congress so slow in auditing the greatest financial criminal in history while the justice system was so swift in auditing the latest Wall Street huckster (who got caught)?

Probably because Madoff realized what he was doing was untenable and something was going to give. By all accounts, he seems to have literally turned himself in to make it stop. He made fundamental mistakes that made him an obvious target to the SEC for investigation. Then he was caught. Once that happened, he wasted little time in pleading guilty to the charges and waiting to hear his fate.

Not so with the Federal Reserve and its controllers. They’ll fight tooth-and-nail to retain their Ponzi scheme until the very end. When it all collapses, that is.

Then, instead of arrests and trials, there will be endless finger-pointing, blaming the failure on everyone and everything except the very system that failed.

Meanwhile, the Power Brokers, the Elites, will move to install their next scheme to control us. While their minions argue amongst themselves and find a scapegoat to take the fall, the Elitists will be busy installing the next phase of their dominion over us.

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