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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Even USA Today Has to Admit That Obama’s Stimulus Ain’t Working

by Aaron Turpen

For two days in a row, July 7 and 8, USA Today ran articles detailing where the so-called stimulus money from Obama’s big plan to save the American economy have been going. For those of us who aren’t believers in the Obama Change message, this information is nothing new and is entirely expected.

On July 7, Matt Kelley writes:
“Under pressure to spend stimulus money quickly, many states are using the federal funds for short-term projects and to fill budget gaps rather than spending on long-term improvements, according to a report by congressional investigators.”

The report that Mr. Kelley refers to is the Government Accountability Office’s report to the House oversight hearing. The report highlights several acts of mismanagement and shows the reason that government can’t be expected to do anything well, especially when they do it quickly.

So far, a little more than half of the $49 billion stimulus aimed for the states has already been doled out. The results are abysmally short-sighted and wasteful. In other words, government as usual.

This doesn’t dissuade some Senators like Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) from calling for even more stimulus money, though. He wants the government to double down on their bet and pour another half billion or more into the economy in hopes that this inflationary action will save us all. Or at least send some more pork to Rhode Island, if nothing else. Constituents love that. Right?

Then on July 8, Brad Heath came out with another look at the billions in stimulus being thrown around and concluded with something else obvious to anyone who’s ever watched Washington for more than an election season.

His article’s title says it all: “Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in ‘08″

In other words, cronyism is alive and well under Obama’s Change. So far, about $17 billion in “local aid packages” have been delivered. Where to? Yep, all the areas that always get the most federal aid and funding: Democratic strongholds.

Of course, the White House denies that any politics or favoritism is at play here.

That’s not what the numbers say, though. According to USA Today’s analysis, the counties that supported Obama in 2008 have reaped the rewards in 2009. They’ve received nearly twice as much money per person as those counties that voted for Republican John McCain. This includes money for everything from military bases to public housing and college tuitions.

Of course, others in Washington are quick to produce reasoning that also says that there’s no favoritism going on.

Regardless, it’s pretty obvious to all of us who sit on the sidelines and shake our heads, knowing that Republicans and Democrats are both politicians and pretty much do the same things. No matter who’s in power, the People are always the ones to pay the price and lose their freedoms.

As I’ve said before, it’s not a matter of whether the Republican or the Democrat will be taking your money and freedom. It’s just a question of how they’ll justify doing it.

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