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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I got yet another one of those "look at the lunatic liberals and what they're doing to us" emails today. This one about the audience that shouted down their Senator during a "town hall" meeting. The Senator requested a police escort to leave the place, fearing a mob riot.

Good. That Senator can go screw. I almost wish the crowd had gone mob. Almost. That might have made things worse for us and better for them. Us being The People and them being The Elected SOBs.

Here was my response to the mailing list that sent that email around talking about how "golly gee, the liberals are getting mad and calling angry audience members 'terrorists' and stuff."

The greatest fear of elected types is that We the People will stop being civilized to them. They can have 24 hour armed guards and wear all the body armor they want. In order to appear as our "representatives," they have to talk to the People directly at town hall meetings and events. That means that they have to expose themselves to the wrath of the public, at least in part.

In the old days, politicians who did what ours have been doing to us for years now were physically dragged from home or office, tarred and feathered and left on display to find their own humiliated way home.

Now? We write "letters of protest" and publish letters to the editor in our newspapers and get angry in private, carefully-said words at small gatherings. Anything more than that is "uncivilized" and "wrong."

I say that we should all be going to these town hall public meetings and doing exactly what those people these statists are denigrating did. SHOUT! YELL! TELL YOUR ELECTED MORON THAT HE OR SHE IS NOT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE. CALL THEM A DIRTY SOB, A POS, A WORTHLESS SUCKER, WHATEVER. TELL THEM LOUDLY AND PROUDLY THAT YOU HATE THEIR GUTS AND THE STOMACH THEY PACK THEM IN.

Take off the kid gloves, people. Be real men. Act like true women. Give the politicians what for. Let them know that if they keep doing what they're doing, they're going to get a lot more than they used to get from us.

ABOVE ALL, SHOW THE PRESS AND THE PEOPLE THAT THE ELECTED A-HOLES ARE NOT OUR REPRESENTATIVES. THEY'RE SHILLS, CON MEN, AND LYING SELLOUTS. If they don't represent us, they no longer have any power. All of their power lies in the fact that We the People are their "constituents." Show them that we aren't and they are powerless. Their entire structure depends on that illusion. Pull out the mirror and show the world the fakery!

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