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Monday, September 07, 2009

42% of Parents Don't Want their Children Watching Obama Speech

the National Expositor

In a poll taken by in their article - School districts cautious ahead of Obama speech to students, 42 percent of parents in Utah want their schools to opt out or keep their children home during President Obama's speech.

If this video is shown in your children's school, would you?
1. Let them watch it - 58% (418)
2. Opt out, if available - 22% (159)
3. Keep home from school - 20% (145)
Total Votes: 722
According to Fox News, concern arose when one of the lesson plans was released. The lesson plans stated, students in pre-kindergarten through grade 6, are suggested to "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president." After the speech students are supossed to discuss what, "the president wants us to do."
After much controversy, the White House changed their lesson plans for children to "write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals."
Some school districts are not allowing parents to opt-out.
At least one school district, Tempe Elementary School District No. 3 in Arizona, is not permitting parents to pull their children out of class during Obama's speech.
"I have directed principals to have students and teachers view the president's message on Tuesday," Superintendent of Schools Dr. Arthur Tate Jr. said in a statement Thursday. "In some cases, where technology will not permit access to the White House Web site, DVDs will be provided to classes on subsequent days. I am not permitting parents to opt out students from viewing the president's message, since this is a purely educational event."
Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon is concerned, “President Obama has shown time and time again that he has little regard for the Constitution or our founding principles... President Obama seems intent on bypassing the parents to speak to the children directly, I don’t like that, it's just one step too far.”
Is Senator Brogdon's concern valid? This week, President Obama's Green Job Czar, Van Jones, explains the incremenatlist strategy of the Obama administration. While speaking about Green Jobs, Jones states that you cannot appear too radical at the beginning of any movement. In other words, in order not to alarm people, "You have to pursue these same steps in stages."

Larger concern revolves around what the full agenda is in all this? In April, president Obama signed into law the "Serve America Act." The law uses 1.1 billion dollars to increase the membership in AmeriCorp from 75,000 to 250,000 children by the year 2017.

What is the role of AmeriCorp? If the idea were to create a civilian stasi type security force, Van Jones reminds us that it would be done in incremental steps. Evidence already points towards these civilian security forces being used for law enforcement duties.

In his article, Homeland Defense: The Pentagon Declares War on America, Frank Morales writes,

"In the wake of 9/11, CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service) was fully integrated into "homeland defense efforts". In March 2002, the Corporation issued a "notice of availability of funds to strengthen communities and organizations in using service and volunteers to support homeland security." With an emphasis on "public safety" and "freeing up police time", the grants offered under the announcement "are to assist communities in getting involved in the war against terrorism on the home front." In the area of "public safety" the grants "will help provide members to support police departments…in tasks and other functions that can be performed by non-sworn officers." Now mind you, the volunteers "are not armed, nor can they make arrests, but they carry out vital tasks including organizing neighborhood watch groups…" They also "organize communities to identify and respond to crime and disorder problems…"

Children do not have the knowledge of history or experience to understand what they are being drawn into. AmeriCorp and City Year pray on children's innocence in the same way John Taylor Gatto states public schools do. "Schools teach emotional dependency. By stars, checks, smiles, frowns, prizes, honors, and disgraces, schools condition children to lifelong emotional dependency. It’s like training a dog. The reward/punishment cycle, known to animal trainers from antiquity, is the heart of a human psychology distilled in late nineteenth-century Leipzig and incorporated thoroughly into the scientific management revolution of the early twentieth century in America. Half a century later, by 1968, it had infected every school system in the United States, so all-pervasive at century’s end that few people can imagine a different way to go about management. And indeed, there isn’t a better one if the goal of managed lives in a managed economy and a managed social order is what you’re after."

In the videos below, both Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and President Obama state that their end goal is to have a cumpulsory civilian security force. What better way would there be to achieve their goal, than to bypass parental supervision and sell the idea straight to the children? This mode of operation and agenda has been implemented several times throughout history. I'm sure you are all aware of the result.

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