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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review: Fall of the Republic

by Militant Reviews

Fall of the Republic by Alex Jones, a documentary
I watched this movie expecting more of the same from Alex. In his last movie, The Obama Deception, I was pretty critical of the fact that that film was really just a rehash of his two older films with the name "Obama" thrown in to beef it up. Of course, that's an over-generalization, but it's how it was viewed by myself, who's seen all of Jones' films to-date.

This movie, which is a documentary of the pending takeover of the entire world's economic systems, is very different from Jones' earlier work. There are no angry crowds with Alex at their head screaming through a bullhorn. There's no confrontations with elected officials or other government types with a lot of questions and no answers.

Instead, this film is relatively sedate in its presentation. But it packs a huge punch.

I would say that this film is by far the best that Jones has done when it comes to pure documentary work. Most of the film is interviews with various experts, such as Gerald Celente, regarding how the financial oligarchs, the Banksters, and so forth have manipulated the system, created their own rules, and are busy ruining the world's economies so that they can replace them with one large, over-arching world banking system.

Obama is featured, but only as a puppet of the real controllers--which I think is more effective and gets the truth across much better. C-SPAN footage of Congress-critters lying, of Al Gore stating blatant untruths, of Obama saying one thing and signing another into law, of Bush, Cheney, the whole troop at Goldman Sachs, and on and on as they commit their acts of rape and pillage in broad daylight, right in front of us, while they use the Cult of Personality (currently Obama and Friends) to distract the public from their true machinations.

The film is definitely well-worth the watch, whether you're an Alex Jones fan or not. The evidence is all laid out, soberly, with no ranting, screaming, yelling, or any of Alex's other signatures.

In fact, that very soberness and the quiet way the information is given is probably the biggest wake up of the movie. The information is there, the news reports are shown, the video footage of the robber barons and their minions saying the words are presented, and the whole thing is laid out. Including a solution to save us all.

That presentation, the calm, quiet, clear-eyed way it's given, is very different from Jones' other films and is the very thing that makes this documentary so gripping.

Watch this movie. You can see it free on YouTube, free on, you can download it, buy it, trade it, whatever. It's available all over the place. Get it while you still can. Soon enough, this will be illegal too.

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