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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conflicts of interest? Dr. Mehmet Oz - Changes and Retractions

I ran a reprint from NaturalNews, written by the editor Mike Adams, titled Conflicts of interest? Dr. Mehmet Oz owns 150,000 option shares in vaccine technology company.

Since then, the story at NaturalNews has been amended to change some of the information which turned out to be incorrect. Those changes appear in the new version.

Last night, I received a note from fellow writer Ken Chowder as a copy of a note sent to Mike Adams regarding his piece. That note pointed out the following:

Siga Technologies does NOT make vaccines. None. Zero. It makes antivirals -- cures, or treatments -- for various diseases. These are not vaccines. Oz does pump vaccines against the flu; but Siga will not profit if those vaccines are used.

Current work at SIGA appears to be focused on smallpox anti-virals used in conjunction with or as a treatment for adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccine.

However, to be clear, SIGA does work on vaccines. So while Dr. Oz promoting swine flu vaccinations is not a direct conflict of interest, his continual promoting of vaccines in general is obviously in his long term interest. It would require little on his part to make that disclaimer. Just as I'm doing here:

Disclosure: I am a paid freelance writer for, though I did not write Mike Adams' article in question.

For the record, I think that both parties should come clean. Adams' article should be clarified to reflect this information (though he links to the same stuff I do, and it was written as an opinion piece) and Dr. Oz should publicly make clear his interests in SIGA and any other medical technology company in which he has financial interest.

Update: Nevermind. Mike Adams can keep his words to himself, as he's proven that SIGA actually does make vaccines. Here's the latest:

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