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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Laptop Cases

I move around a lot, from safe house to safe house and throughout the secret, underground bunker complex I occupy most of the time. That means my computer, my only link to the outside world, needs both strong protection and great accessories.

My favorite cases are the Cool Bananas and stylish Knomo leather series from Gearzap's laptop bag section. These are a comfy fit for my precious electronic cargo.

It also pays, in this day and age, to use great laptop accessories, since you never know when you might need a spare charger, cleaning supplies, or locks to keep the feds off your system. When you're jammin' the liberty music, those external speakers are the bee's knees.

Of course, if you're one of those Macintosh users (you Apple yuppie), you might prefer a great, protective macbook case like the Hard Candy Bubble shells or the Cool Bananas sleeves.

Whatever you're after for your computer needs while hiding out in your favorite SHTF bugout spot, you'll be glad you got great gear from Gearzap to protect and amplify your electronic connection to the outside world.

So far, I haven't found a holster that straps well to a notebook case, but there are some great ones that hide in there alongside your system. No bulletproof cases you can use as a shield against federal bullets, though. I'm still working on that.

By the way, a 15" notebook computer in its case can usually fit in with the buttstock section of an AR-15 or larger rifle bag. Just FYI, in case it comes up sometime. Could be useful info.

Regardless, get some great gear today and dazzle your militia buddies with your awesome geek gear today!

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