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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Underground Yourself?

The following is forwarded from an online discussion group. I've removed contact information and group information for privacy reasons:

> Interesting site--very well done, actually. Nevertheless, to be so boldly
> militant, I couldn't help but notice that there were no direct references
> to your real name while I was poking around. Did I miss one? I had to do
> a whois to find out who owned the domain.

They may or may not appear in posts, I didn't hide the domain registration, and haven't completed much of the site's non-blog areas (including links to other sites of mine, such as which contains my full name all over it).

> Oh, and if you're so tired of " 'under the radar' morons who hide from the
> government and therefore do not fight for change [as if you had any way of
> knowing this]" why are you on this list? We are, among other things, a
> group interested in flying under the radar.

We've had this discussion, Edward. Since people are on this list discussing things (and, by the way, therefore NOT hiding under the radar as it's extremely easy for someone who knows how to find out who/where you are once you log onto any network) and specifically discussing change, they are NOT "under the radar morons." They are now "under the radar and informed."

That statement was targeted towards persons like my neighbor, who is completely "off paper," and enjoys shoving that in people's faces who he deems "unworthy" of his greatness for doing so. He, however, does nothing to affect change and even works to cause divisiveness and derision AGAINST those who attempt change. In his puny little mind, if it's not a Second Amendment issue, it's bullshit and probably "liberal" (a word he spits like your or I would use the
word "mother___er").

Anyway, the site is under construction, but is coming along nicely.

--- End forwarded message ---

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