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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Anger is a Gift

Self-Defense That Works
by Aaron Turpen of

Self-defense doesn't mean becoming a black belt, working out like an Olympian, or always being afraid "something will happen."

Self-defense is simply knowing what to do when bad things happen.

The worst thing you can do in a bad situation is become afraid. Fear causes you to freeze, to seize up, to panic. Anger is your best weapon in an assault.

According to the US Department of Justice, in 71% of attempted sexual assaults, the attacker was discouraged because the victim fought back. The victim in the scenario refused to be a victim and got angry. Anger is a gift.

Nifty gadgets won't save you when the time comes to defend yourself. Fast-talking won't save you either. Anger will.

There are three parts to any assault: awareness of the attempt, reaction to the attempt, and the outcome of the attempt.

Awareness of the Attempt
When a criminal attempts to assault you, he will attempt to control you physically and/or psychologically. He may grab you, say something inappropriately sexual, or attempt to take you somewhere secluded and in his control (car, home, etc.).

When he makes it apparent that his supposed reason for approaching you (to ask directions, for instance) was just a pretense to get close, you know he is ill-intentioned. It's better to appear to be rude and walk away unscathed than it is to be "nice" and get assaulted.

Reaction to the Attempt
Become angry and show him that you are angry. The anger response is your first step towards getting out of a bad situation. Growl, bare your teeth, curse…do whatever makes you express your anger best.

In many cases, this is enough to make him back off and leave you alone. If the assault is physical right from the beginning, however (grabbing or pushing), then a more physical response is needed immediately.

Getting physical should focus on one goal and one goal only: hurting him enough that you can get away from him. Don't try to be the movie hero and deliver your attacker to the police. Just get away and get away fast.

Four vulnerable areas should be your targets: eyes, ears, throat, and groin. In that order. Gouging, poking, or otherwise injuring one or both eyes will force your attacker to stop as he can no longer see. Slapping your attackers ears (one or both) will disorient him and possibly make him lose equilibrium. Slashing with your fingers, punching with your knuckles, or otherwise effectively striking your attacker's throat will instantly incapacitate him since he can't breathe…a good hit could kill him as well. Kicking, kneeing, or punching his groin will cause severe pain, but men instinctively are very protective of this area and can usually block your attempts easily.

Any physical attack you make must first and foremost be aggressive and angry. Your own anger response provides the power needed to make the counter-attack successful. Even if the attack is not effective physically, the emotional response and his reaction to it may be enough to end his assault. Otherwise, continue to repeat your attack forcefully.

The Outcome of the Attempt
There are two possible outcomes to the attempt: you escape relatively unharmed or you are victimized by the attacker.

If you fight back forcefully and aggressively, your chances of being the victim are much lower than they would be otherwise. Even children who fight back have a much higher chance of escaping their attacker than do those who do not.
So anger truly is a gift. Fight back against assault and you'll likely not be a victim.

About the Author:
Aaron is the proprietor of, which sells realistic self-defense and security products for the real world. Visit and learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones today.

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