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Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombings

Who perpetrated the bombings in London? CNN reports that an "Islamic" group claims credit for it, but that the claim is unverifiable.

Interesting. They don't have the footage on their website, but if you saw the interviews they did from the G8 Summit in Scotland, you saw Tony Blair talking about the incident with George Bush standing in the background.

Ignore Blair and look at Bush. Note how fidgety he is and how unable to focus on any one thing (his eyes continually dart around the room) he is. Guilt?

Regardless, hundreds of people are now dead or maimed. Consider the real cause of this terrorism... is it Islamic fundamentalism wanting to force the world to be like them?

Lessee...for centuries, they've done their thing to themselves and left the rest of us out of it unless provoked...

So have we provoked them? Find out the real history of the Cold War in the middle east, our role with Israel, and our dealings with Iraq for the past twelve years...

You be the judge.

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