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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Glimpse of What Is To Come

The image is of a 57-year old lady, living in her own home, with plenty of food and water stored (shown to the cameras). Yet, "for her own safety," she is forcibly removed from her home by police officers. Forcibly removed doesn't really describe it...the video will show that she was literally tackled by a man twice her size and drug from her home by police:

Of course...this is all "for her own good" because of "disease" and so forth. Think about it, though...she's the one who gets sick. Right? So why doesn't she have the choice of whether she wants to take the risk or not? Because the STATE knows what's best for her...and they'll make sure she does it, even if they have to force her to...It's for her own good. Right?

Now, imagine that the situation is different. Let's say there's been a terrorist threat on your city. The government has called for mass evacuation of the city. You don't want to leave. You have an NBC-rated ("Nuclear, Biological, Chemical") bomb shelter, food and water for over a year for you and your family, and weapons to defend yourself should someone attempt to break in...

But that's not good enough. Instead, the STATE wants you to leave your home and reside in a government-approved "shelter" (i.e. the Astro Dome) and will require that you turn in all of your weapons and ammunition before going there.

So now you, your wife, and your children are in a giant "shelter" with hundreds of thousands of other people... you have no protection except the supposed benevolence of police and "security" personnel who occasionally wander through the structure to remove the dead bodies.

Now what do you do?

I'll tell you what you do. You ignore their requirement that you leave your home and you hole up in that shelter. If they try to kick down the door, tell them that when they come in, they will be faced with gunfire as you protect your family. Tell them unequivocally that if they don't leave you alone, some of them will be killed. You've made the decision to take your chances here, not in their "shelters." If they don't like it, that's their problem.

Obviously, having a PA system installed in your shelter is a good idea, so you can talk to them without opening the door...

If they kick in the door and enter...well, they've been warned. Right? Shoot them.

Never be motivated by fear...

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