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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Repudiate the bailout!

The never-ending bazillion dollar government toilet flushing of our tax money, forcibly transferred from our billfolds to the balance sheets of politically-connected billionaire bankers and business barons, will have to be repaid by the next generation of Americans. It’s time right now for that next generation to stand up and repudiate the debt. Announce that you don’t accept it and won’t repay it. It’s not your debt, after all, it’s the unprincipled politicians’ debt.

To keep the bailouts going the politicians will have to either borrow money which means everyone’s children and grandchildren will have to pay it back with interest, or they’ll simply run the printing presses which means everyone’s children and grandchildren will have to pay it back with severely inflated paper pretending to be money.

Think taxes are onerous now? Just wait, kids!

And you know the political classes don’t care, right? They’ll be long gone and you’ll be stuck with their tab.

Passing debt down to the next generation is tax slavery. It’s repugnant and immoral.

Levying taxes on people unborn or too young to vote is taxation without representation. That’s repugnant, illegal, immoral and un-American.

Not to mention unconstitutional. We fought a war against an English king over this very issue.

Underage people should protest. Parents of underage people should protest on their children’s behalf. Everyone should protest on principle alone.

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