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Saturday, February 21, 2004


We're back with the site again, no more boring white pages with text on them. :)

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Declaration of Disobedience

Declaration of Disobedience

WHEREAS: The Federal Government is in flagrant & repeated violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, its unique political contract with The People of the United States of America, and;
WHEREAS: The State and Local Governments act in collusion with, or by coercion from, said Federal Government, also resulting in flagrant & repeated violations of their political contracts with The People, and;
WHEREAS: This state of affairs pertaining, does afflict and intrude upon the God-given Unalienable Rights of The People, and upon the established Constitutional guarantees set forth in the Bill of Rights, and causes them great harm and suffering:
THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, that I Aaron Turpen, a citizen of the United States of America, do hereby declare & affirm the following, from this day forward, until such time as my Proper and Just Rights as an American citizen are restored:

Section I. Breach of Contract.
A. I hereby declare null & void the previously existing Political Contract between myself, and the Federal Government of the United States of America, and all of its agencies, branches, bureaus, commissions, departments, agents, employees, officials, and representatives.
B. I hereby withdraw my sanction and consent from the Federal Government, and from any entity acting upon its behalf or its behest, and do declare all statements made and all actions taken by such entities, in my name as a citizen, to be null & void.
C. Until such time as lawful and constitutional government is restored to the United States of America, I hereby reserve & retain my right to appoint or elect any others to serve in my stead, and will hereafter & do now, represent myself in all commercial, legal, political, social, and international affairs.

Section II. Actionable Behavior.
A. This Declaration of Disobedience is duly based upon the illegitimate and unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government of the United States of America, repeatedly made and invariably pursued, towards usurpation of the legitimate and proper rights of the Citizenry.
B. In partial proof of this repeated train of abuses, let the following facts of surreptitious laws enacted, during a single Congressional Session, be submitted to whom it may concern:
1. Public Law 104-193: Establishes a National database of all employed persons. Violation of the Fourth Amendment.
2. Public Law 104-191: Establishes "Health Care Crimes" and permits seizure of assets from Doctors & patients. Violation of Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Amendments.
3. Public Law 104-191: Permits seizure of assets from any person establishing a foreign citizenship. Violation of Fourth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.
4. Public Law 104-191: Establishes government access to all health records of citizens, including statements made by patients to doctors. Violation of First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.
5. Public Law 104-208: Makes it a federal crime to keep or bear arms within any local "school zone." Establishes misdemeanors as basis for denial of Constitutional guarantees. Violation of Second, Fourth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.
6. Public Law 104-132: Establishes "Star Chamber" Courts & secret trials. Allows citizens to be designated as "terrorists," held without bail or charges in secret locations, & have unsubstantiated secret testimony used against them. Violation of Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments.
7. Public Law 104-208: Mandates "de facto" National Identification Cards for all citizens, and establishes mandatory fingerprinting of all citizens, as well as a coded & secret database on all citizens. Violation of Fourth, Ninth & Tenth Amendments.

Section III. Personal Sanctions.
A. I will no longer obey any law, rule or regulation which is not in clear accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America, as commonly understood in the plain English language.
B. I shall resist the enforcement of any law, rule or regulation upon my person, property, or life which is not in clear accordance with the provisions of the aforesaid Political Contract.
C. All forms of duties, fees, levies, and taxes hereafter paid in my name to the Federal Government, or its agents, are rendered under protest, and considered taken by duress, under threat of force.

Section IV. Personal Conduct.
A. Until such time as lawful and constitutional government is again restored to the United States of America, and in pursuance thereof, I will hereby alter my normal behavior as a sovereign American citizen, in the following manner:
1. I will no longer exercise my franchise to vote for federal elected "representatives," or any federal question or issue.
2. I will no longer petition, or otherwise interact with, any "representative" of federal government, as a constituent.
3. I will no longer demonstrate respect towards any official or high office of federal government, without good cause.
4. I will no longer accede authority to, cooperate with, or be courteous to any government bureaucrat, without good cause.
5. I will no longer avail myself of federal programs, services, or "benefits."
6. I will no longer work for, contract with, sell to, support or otherwise aid federal government.
7. I will no longer purchase goods or merchandise of new manufacture, which provides government with higher amounts of tax revenue.
8. I will no longer consider any government capable of, or willing, to protect my person or my Just Rights, I will keep and bear arms.
9. I will no longer take my Constitutional Rights for granted, but will jealously guard and vigorously exercise them all.
10. I will no longer treat my fellow American citizens as strangers, but as my friends and as my neighbors. I will help them to understand and exercise their rights as American citizens.
11. I will no longer live my life without the Liberty which is my birthright as an American citizen.
12. I will ignore all calls to serve in armed defense of our nation excepting those calls which denote a real and present danger to American borders. I will defend this nation as a free member of the militia, as prescribed by the Second Amendment and commonly defined as "able bodied men between 16-45 years of age."

Section V. Affirmation.
With renewed reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, and with firm resolve, I do solemnly swear or attest that the above Declaration is a true and accurate statement of my beliefs, and intention, So Help Me God.

Signed: Aaron Turpen
Dated: February 20, 2004
Witnessed by two signature witnesses.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Reading Reason and other BS for the day

Well, I'm currently sitting here reading Reason magazine ("Free Minds and Free Markets"), February 2004 issue. Good stuff in here. I'm late reading it, since I actually got it about three weeks ago, but hey, I'm a busy dude.

I'm especially interested in their front cover article "Dominate, Intimidate, Control" about TSA and airport insecurity. You can read that online by following the link above, by the way.

Anyway, beyond that is more good news. The new server is set up as of today so the site should be back to normal by Monday at the latest. SWEET!

Anyway, I guess I'd better get a shower and hit the mailbox and other venues today. Gotta stock up on caffeinated provisions for the all-nighters to come in setting up the new services.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Book Reviews

OK, I've read a few books since my list book review and better get caught up including them here. Many of you may recognize some of these, but if not, I suggest clicking on the links and getting your own copy. Great stuff is only included here, no trash!

This book is nothing short of awesome! It's great stuff from beginning to end and you'll hardly notice it's somewhere around a thousand pages thick! Boston manages to cover all aspects of the battle rifle, basic defensive pistol use, battle carbines, and more.

Boston's huge amount of experience and field use of these weapons really shows through and the data and rankings of those rifles is spot on. He goes into a lot of things that many of those who are considered "gun nuts" miss and makes fun of one of my favorite kinds of person: the over-accessorizer; the guy who has a fine rifle and then fills it up with extra grips, a too-large scope, an integral bipod, laser pointer, interchangeable buttstock, etc., etc... Yet can't hit a fifty-cent grouping at 50 yards...

Boston also includes a lot of great political commentary and information. He gives (no doubt accurate) predictions of what the lobbyists and gun-grabbers will go for next and how they'll succeed first in the near future. He explains definitively why we need to be armed and TRAINED in those arms to effectively defend our nation, way of life, and especially our liberty.

By far one of the most informed patriots and easily one of our nation's most learned gun nuts, Boston is worth listening to.

I don't care who you are, you need a copy of this book! Get one now!

I quoted Kathryn Graham in this blog a few days ago and stumbled upon this book she wrote when talking with another friend of mine. He offered to let me borrow it and I did.

I devoured this great read in only two days.

This is a novel about freedom, liberty, tyranny, and escape.

The protagonist is Kris, an astrophysicist, and her and her fellow freedom-lovers lenghty plan to escape from the tyrannical regime that has taken over the American White House and installed a police-state to control the nation.

In an eloquently told story, Graham carries you into fantastic realms of understanding: showing you human spirit, fortitude, and the power of the American lust for freedom. This is part one of a no-doubt great series of books.

The ending was surprising and awesome and I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who loves freedom-oriented fiction!

Finally, we come to this book. If you're in any way related to the Celtic race, be it Scots, Irish, or Welsh, you'll be very interested in this book. Sorry there's no picture

It covers history, starting from the height of the Celtic influence on the world when settlements were as far east as Turkey and dominated the European world. Celts sacked Rome, fought off the Viking invasions, and more.

The history of the Celts is quite amazing, especially during the Age of Heroes when Arthur and others were making names for themselves. The domination and attempted domination by many groups, especially the Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Normans, and others, were repeatedly reversed by the Celt's lust for independence in their various regions. Only the Celts themselves could dominate one another.

Many of the prints in this book are completely awesome, detailing great moments in medieval history and showing archealogical finds related to the book's subject. A great book to read for those of us who still have blood that boils to the sound of bagpipes and hearts that sing to the tune of Gaelic words.

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Bomb Threat at Utah State Capitol

There was a bomb threat at the Utah State Capitol (legislature is currently in session) today. I just wanted to quickly on go record that was not me who did it. Actually, I'm surprised it's taken this long for the government to show up and ask me questions. I'm generally the first person they look at.

Same when I was a kid. No matter what the trouble was, I'd hear one of my parents yelling "AARON!" as I was presumed guilty of whatever had happened until proven otherwise.

Not that I didn't always deserve this treatment, since calling me was generally a safe bet... My middle name was "What the Hell Were You Thinking?"

Anyway, in this case it wasn't me. Honest.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My Advice to the Residents of Township 15, Range 15 in Maine...

Here's the quick run-down of what's happening to a citizen of this town in Maine:

Feds Fine Man $10,000 for Going to Church

The federal government is fining a resident of Maine $10,000 for going to church.

Richard Albert, 52, of the remote northern hamlet of Township 15 Range 15, said the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection recently notified him of two $5,000 fines for twice crossing from Quebec into Maine on a Sunday, when the border station is closed.

Albert's home is 30 yards from the Canadian border, beside the U.S. Customs office. The church is on Quebec's side of the border, which means he has to cross the boundary illegally to attend services.

He "said he has been crossing the U.S.-Canada border at his own discretion for more than 40 years. But border security has been tightened since last May when the Bureau of Customs eliminated its Form 1 program," the Associated Press reported today.

"That program allowed preapproved people to cross the border when certain border stations, including the one between Township 15 Range 15 and St. Pamphile, Quebec, were closed."

'Nightmare' Caused by 'Big Brother'

He said: "It was never an issue to cross before May 1, 2003, when they put a gate on the boundary and locked it up. This situation, it's like having a nightmare, and you feel that Big Brother is really controlling you, and you can do nothing about it."

The dozen or so people who live in the settlement rely on St. Pamphile for more than religion. It has the area's only stores, medical facility and other comforts of civilization.

The U.S. border station is open only from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. The next closest crossing is 200 miles away by dirt logging roads through Fort Kent. Canada gives U.S. residents passes to cross at any time.

"We're supposed to stay here and not move? There's nothing here on the American side," Albert said. "We feel like we're being treated like animals here. At 9 p.m. we're locked in the barns, and at 6 a.m. we're let out to pasture."

No doubt he'd have better luck if he moved to a Mexican border town and waded the Rio Grande daily. Hey, and that way he could get "free" health care in U.S. hospitals at taxpayers' expense.

So here's my advice to these people:

Get your rifles, pistols, and ammo ready. Go to the gate on Sunday morning. Cut the locks off and destroy the gate. Leave a note for the border guards for when they arrive on Monday:


Place a bullet as a paper weight for the note. It may be a good idea to include a map for their convenience. Government types aren't generally known for intelligence.

See if the Gestapo comes back. Take turns amongst the townspeople sabotaging the gate works.

Eventually they'll either get the idea or bring in the military. Either way, you've got a great coupe on your hands: they leave, or you get to scream to the press about being "held hostage by the government."

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How Social Security Numbers Work

How Social Security Numbers Work -

What do the numbers on a Social Security card mean? Are they random? And how easy is it for someone to steal your identity using your SSN? Find out all about Social Security numbers.

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Back Up And Running

Well, we're back at a temporary location until our server problems can be dealt with. I thought you all would find this site amusing:

I highly recommend the Howard Dean Meltdown Remix and the displays regarding gun control laws. Actually...I pretty much recommend ALL of their stuff. Great site!!

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Independence Day

I received this via email and thought you would enjoy it.

Independence Day
by Kurt Amesbury, J.D.

The six of them sat around the fire, watching the flames dance in the darkness, fighting back the evening chill. It had been a long day of hunting - but productive. The youngest had gotten his first deer, and two other kills ensured a good supply of venison for the family. Talk of the hunt had dwindled and all now stared into the dying flames without speaking.

"Father", one of the older boys asked, "Was it like this when you were my age?"

The two adults looked at each other, then gazed back into the flames.

"No son, not exactly."

"Why not?"

"Well, when I was your age, there was a war on."

The youngsters stirred, then settled in more comfortably. That their father had played a part in the war for liberty always made them proud. Each retelling brought new details, and each young man imagined what role he might have played if he had been alive in those times.

"I was about your age when the shooting started in what turned out to be the great war for independence. The government had been pushing the people, taxing them heavily, ignoring their rights. There were even incidents where the government troops had massacred innocent people, and the government abuses were getting worse all the time." He stopped and prodded the fire, sending a shower of sparks skyward. After a thoughtful moment, he continued.

"The people took it for a long time. Longer, perhaps, than we should have. Even when the fighting broke out, there were a lot of people who were against it. The government was uneasy with us 'rebels' always agitating for better representation and complaining about taxation. Of course, we were uneasy about the government too, so we organized into militia groups that could respond at a minute's notice to any alarm. We all agreed we would have arms and ammunition in case things got bad. And eventually, they did.

"The day finally came when the government actually tried to take our guns and ammunition. Sent troops marching right into the city to seize them."

"And that's when the shooting started?", asked the youngest.

His father nodded his head slowly and spoke in an absent voice. "Yes. That's when the shooting began. None of you were even born then. Some have called it the 'shot heard round the world', but I wish it hadn't come to that. A lot of good people died on both sides. But it couldn't be helped. The government had passed laws saying we could not have guns within the city limits. They had a list of places where they thought arms were stored, and they sent the government troops to seize them."

"But you were ready, father?"

"Yes son, we were. We knew the government troops were coming. And we knew that the time had come to stop them."
"They marched in like they thought they owned the place. We could see their breath in the cold night air and hear the crunch of snow under their boots. They marched right out in the open, as if they didn't have anything to worry about. We hid and waited until just the right moment, then opened up on them with everything we had. We killed many of them and wounded many others, then we melted away like spirits into the night. The government called up reinforcements, but they didn't know who we were. Word of our daring spread quickly, and we soon found our ranks swelling with other citizens who believed in the cause of liberty and wanted to fight along side of us."

"We came damned close to losing. The government of course had professional troops - not only the military, but foreign troops imported just to fight us. Mercenaries. We almost missed our last chance to remove the boot of tyranny from our necks, to throw off the heavy yoke of unconscionable taxation. We almost lost our last chance to be free."

"But then the militia began to catch up with the politicians who were behind the heavy taxation and the attempt to disarm the citizens. In one night, all four senators from California and New York - all of whom had worked so hard to disarm the people - were caught and executed - by firing squad. In rapid succession, more than 27 congressmen, and another 13 senators were tried for treason and executed."

"And that's when things got really interesting. The House was composed largely of people sympathetic to the cause of freedom, but there were so many traitors in the senate if they'd all been killed, there wouldn't have been a quorum, so some of them were frog-marched into session for a series of votes. In a period of 24 hours, Congress repealed all gun control laws, the entire IRS code, all illicit drug laws, eliminated the entire drug interdiction system and defunded 90% of all Federal government agencies. HUD, BATF, FBI, EPA - all gone overnight. We withdrew from the United Nations and gave all U.N. delegates 24 hours to get out. Then we eliminated all foreign aid. The last item was approving the new budget - which came in at just under $100 billion. Then we took the traitors out onto the front lawn and executed them. The next day, we dynamited the U.N. building. Brought it right down in one huge pile of dusty rubble."

"All those blue helmets we'd been shooting at, along with the vehicles and arms and the foreign troops who carried them were surrendered to us. Some units decided to fight on, and they were hunted down and destroyed. We shipped the captured U.N. soldiers home - stripped to bare skin and packed into the hold of a cargo ship. They took nothing with them but water, oatmeal and enough fuel to get them to Africa."

"We bought our freedom with blood. Over 300,000 men died in the fighting before it was all over."

"We thought the rest of the world might go crazy, but it didn't. Sure, the stock markets took a pounding for a little while, but since we had already announced a return to the gold standard, the market actually rebounded and stabilized in less than a year."

"The president signed every one of the new bills into law and gave a speech about the power of the people, freedom and the first Declaration of Independence. As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, one of his last acts was to impose a uniform standard of fitness on all branches of the military. Twenty-three percent of the military was discharged within the week for lack of fitness. He then instituted a policy providing for a confidence vote of the officers by the men - resulting in the ouster of more than 75% of the general staff. Those officers who had been playing politics at the expense of military readiness were discharged without retirement benefits. A few were court-martialed for treason and shot. Thirty days later, the president resigned."

"Some thought other countries would see the drive for liberty and the decline in military numbers as an opportunity to attack U.S. interests. Some actually tried. They were punished with a fury that hasn't been seen since the U.S. flash-broiled Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One particularly belligerent country lost over a hundred thousand troops in a single afternoon - but they were warned and didn't heed the warning. After that, no one dared to mess with the USA. Our
forces were meaner and leaner than ever, and they weren't under the control of a commander-in-chief who owed his presidency to foreign interests. Military morale was at an all-time high. Enemies and allies alike just hung onto their seats with knuckles turning white while we cleaned house and restored freedom and everyone waited to see how it would all turn out."

"With their pay cut by 75%, their perks and status gone, many of the remaining members of Congress hung their heads and went home. They knew that they had failed to fulfill their oath of office and that their greedy dreams of power were over. Some found real jobs. Others committed suicide. A few, some of the good ones, stayed on and began the rebuilding process, but most of the vacancies weren't filled for a couple of years. A lot had fled for fear that they might be called to account for past votes."

"We found out we didn't really need a federal government - not like we thought we did. Even the poor were better off. Americans discovered real charity again, and communities began to pull together. People could begin to see that their neighborhoods were really theirs... not something on loan from the Federal government. Sure, a lot of welfare bums had to get jobs. I didn't shed any tears over that. Some of the mothers who kicked their husbands out found life considerably changed. There were no more government payments, and the state stopped enforcing alimony. Some ran short on food until they learned to go to the local church and ask for it. They seemed shocked at the idea that they were no longer 'entitled' to a living. But they adjusted."

"Americans rediscovered freedom and liberty, and vowed they would never again let their government rule them. Eventually Congress rebuilt. In its new trimmer form, it was something of which the Founding Fathers might have been proud. And the idea of being a career politician? It sort of got lost along the way. These days people seem to understand that politicians serve for the good of the country, not the good of the politician."

"The general tension in the country subsided quickly. New laws were passed that made the person who filed a bad faith law suit responsible for all costs, plus damages, and for the first time, courts started awarding those damages. A lot of lawyers wound up standing in soup lines. Can't say it hurt my feelings any. Medical costs plummeted. Do you know how much doctors used to have to charge just to get insurance coverage for unfounded malpractice claims?! When all the minorities and hyphenated Americans realized that they weren't going to be compensated for hurt feelings, they quit
agitating and made a greater effort to be part of society, instead of trying to tear it apart. Jackson and Sharpton finally got on the boat and went back to Africa. Seem to recall one of them was killed when an angry mob strung him up."

"Entire segments of the insurance industry collapsed as people realized that they didn't need coverage for the imaginary ills of others. This by itself brought a measure of freedom. People weren't afraid to have a party and invite friends over. It seems hard to believe now that there was once a time when someone who drank too much could blame the person who served him for injuries sustained in an accident, but it's true!"

"Law schools went into deep decline. To be sure, there was still a need for lawyers. But the practice of shunning came back into vogue and nowhere was it practiced with more ardor than when shunning a lawyer who served himself above his clients."

"The media giants staggered. The Federal government began charging for the use of the People's airwaves and contributing the charges towards the cost of running the country. With the reduced government, and the charge for use of public resources, the need for Federal taxes disappeared."

"There were a lot of changes. The Feds were barred from keeping records on law-abiding Americans. Social Security paid out what was owed to the people who contributed, and then it was shut down. We were free to plan for our own futures."

"But that first engagement - that was the day we looked back on as the day our freedom began anew. That frosty night, as we waited on the roof tops and behind the trash dumpsters for the U.N. troops to come and try to take our firearms. We declared our independence in .30 caliber lead."

Stirring from deep thoughts, the man's wife looked with respect and affection at the grizzled old man who was her husband and her hero. "Of course, they rewrote the Second Amendment", she said, "It wasn't the same back then. They added a line. Before the war for independence started, the Second Amendment said, "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." It wasn't
until 2011 that they added, ~"Any person who questions this right in a legislative body may be shot without consequences."~

The change was enacted exactly four years after that first encounter with the U.N. troops, on the day when ordinary citizens took their firearms into the Nation's capital and came back with our freedom... Independence day, September 6, 2007."

"You know," the father said, "I was just thinking. In all of human history, there was never before a country like ours. We were given a gift of incalculable value by men in 1776, and in a little over 200 years, we nearly ruined it. I wonder how long it will be before people start to let their rights slip again? How long will it be before they forget again, the price that was paid for their freedom?"

There was no answer but the slow crackling of the dying embers.

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Thanks for the Memories

This is titled "Thanks for the Memories." It's a Flash presentation. Enjoy.

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