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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Supposedly, Hispanics Prefer Democrats Over Republicans

According to The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda's scorecard, Democrats in both the US House and Senate are more likely to vote "their way."

First, let's look at the results of the poll itself.

The scorecard was released July 26 and examined how 18 "key" votes in the House and six in the Senate ("key" being determined by the 40-member board of the NHLA) affected the Hispanic community.

The results, overall, showed that Democrats in the House of Representatives voted pro-Hispanic 95 percent of the time, Republicans only 19 percent; and in the Senate, 95 percent of Democratic votes supported NHLA positions, while only 34 percent of Republican votes supported its positions.

So what were these positions? Check out the site for the "League of United Latin American Citizens" (the parent group over the NHLA, and you'll find out. They're a very communistic ( mean "progressive") group with the apparent goal of requiring Americans to foot the bill for Hispanic problems - not to mention the "unification" of America and Mexico.

So...since the votes cast by those in the US Congress weren't Communist enough, I guess the NHLA can't support them. Their agenda is pretty clear - they don't try to pretty it up too much - and they have apparently found a home amongst the liberal Democrats too. Not surprising.

What surprises me is that they were able to find that many Republicans who would also support their agenda. Well, at least this kind of surprises me. I'm sure it will be enough to get the fence-sitters in the GOP to get off the fence and plunge into the heady waters of liberal thinking. For the votes, of course.

When Americans finally realize that there isn't really a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and start really looking for alternatives, maybe things will change for the better. For now, I guess we can all just sit around and bitch and moan instead and watch our nation get flushed.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It Gets Worse...

Or not...

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