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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hal Turner's Website Taken Down by FBI

As of 27th December, 2006, redirects to

The FBI page has an 'Extra' at the top of the page mentioning FBI 'probing'
of 'hate crimes'. Presumably, such as content quoted from Hal's site at

Another link on the FBI page solicits tips from the public regarding crimes:
Submit a Crime Tip Where the heading states: "While the FBI continues to
encourage the public to submit information regarding the September 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks, this form may also be used to report any suspected
criminal activity to the FBI."

Well, not that their ears are actually open, apparently, since if they were
we all know there'd have been plenty of real progress with the 911 case by
now. Given the vast amounts of highly incriminating evidence that has piled
up, implicating very many people in the US in those crimes. However, perhaps
its worth letting the FBI know what we think of their non-efforts.

Here's my 'tip to the FBI'. What do you have to say to them?

I laugh at your mention that this form may be used to submit tips related to
the Sept 11 2001 mass murder. Since the FBI's own managers were so busy in
the months before, suppressing honest FBI investigators looking into the
perpetrator's agents, employed to place the breadcrumb clue trail pointing
to 'al Qaida' (which you know perfectly well is a CIA cutout organisation.)
We couldn't have the 911 plot foiled before the event, now could we?

Sorry guys, the game is up. There is nothing you can do now to save your
necks - you and every other 911 conspirator in the US Administration, TLAs,
judiciary, Congress, etc. Eventually, you will all stand before a free,
uncontrolled court, and be judged for your crimes. Which are very, very many
and serious. Just listing them would take pages.

Don't even bother trying to argue 'its all a conspiracy theory'. There's too
much hard evidence against you now, even if the non-internet reading public
don't know it yet. Go look at the photos of the plane engine in a NY street
for instance. Whoops! Wrong sort of plane, and there goes the entire
government lie. Hey, why don't you try tracking down what happened to that
engine - if you wanted to do something actually useful and
crime-fighter-ish. Perhaps you might even earn your name again, instead of
being the Federal Bureau of Interference. FB of Incompetence?

Funny you haven't made a single successful arrest over 911, after five
years, isn't it? If you'd like to make a start, may I suggest Rabbi Dov
Zakheim, financial comptroller at the Pentagon during that time, and
previously CEO of a company that produced remote control flight systems for
the US military. Or perhaps Rudi Giuliani, the guy who's command center in
Bld 7 managed the tower's demolition, before it too was explosively
'pulled'. Not to mention his remarkable speed (preparation?) in having the
forensic evidence shipped overseas to be melted down. Or Larry Silverstein -
what *remarkable* precience with the leasing and insurance contracts, eh?
Too bad he admitted live on TV that he'd had bld 7 'pulled' - and what luck
that it was already all wired with explosives!

Meanwhile, you can harrass (and arrest or whatever you've done) as many Hal
Turners as you like - the only difference it will make is to add to the list
of your crimes, and make people even more angry with you by the time you are
brought to justice. Do you even understand how many people have become as
angry as Hal, and for good reason? Do you know what happens when that dam
bursts? I'm really glad I don't live in America, its not going to be
pleasant there when the rage bursts out.

But of course, you know all this, and probably much more than any of us
know. You know perfectly well who did 911, and you do nothing. You know it,
we know you know it, you know we know, etc.

So I guess all I expect to achieve by writing this is to stand up, and say
screw you. Screw every single one of you murdering, corrupt, lying, fascist
bastards. How the hell do you live with yourselves?

Aaron's note: since the site is redirected to and hasn't, apparently, been tampered with, but instead just redirected, this issue is probably not an FBI 'takeover' but instead just some hacking by someone. Whether that hacker is in or out of the government probably won't ever be proved. I'm gussing it's the same sort of freedom-hating jackass that attacks this site from time to time.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Education and Classification

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Statist's Prayer

The Statist's Prayer
by Bryan Morton

Our Government,
Which art in Washington,
Inculpable be Thy actions.

Thy empire come.
Thy will be done,
Around the globe
As it is in the US.

Give us this day
Our daily bread,
Free retirement, healthcare,
Environmental protection,
Transportation, education,
Protectionist tariffs,
Security, regulation,
Fiat currency, and anything else
the majority of registered voters wants.

And go more into debt,
As we become more debtors.
And lead us into blind obedience,
As we give up our freedom.

For Thine is the Empire,
and our incomes and the military,
and police powers, and the glory,

Or until the loose fiscal policy, borrowing money,
and creating the fiat currency necessary to,
sustain the socialistic paternal State combines
with the insurmountable cost of defense against
the global unrest caused by poor foreign policy
and brings the whole Ponzi scheme crashing to its knees.


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Monday, December 25, 2006


Yuletide greetings to all! May your pagan holiday be great. Even if you're stealing it and pretending it's Christian. :)

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