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Friday, July 02, 2004


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Independence Day Celebration Reminder...

As we go out to celebrate our freedom this 4th of July, let's go over a few things to make your celebration a success.

Before leaving home make sure you check the color coded Homeland Security alert status. Be especially careful if it is orange or red. Don't worry about yellow. It's always yellow.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. New Yorkers, in particular, watch out for those pesky mushroom clouds.

Don't use any illegal fireworks in your 4th Celebration. It is for your own safety. And the founding father's implemented a government to protect you from yourselves. Didn't they? Besides, fireworks are explosive devices and you might be considered a terrorist with weapons of mass destruction. And although the government can't find any in Iraq, you can rest assured they will find them in your car trunk. But don't worry, getting arrested, imprisoned indefinitely without formal charges, and a 5 year wait before the secret tribunal trial per the Patriot Act is a breeze. It's that secret summary execution that should make you nervous.

Make sure you are buckled up in your seat belts, there will be roadblocks and checkpoints to make sure you comply. It is for the children, you know.

If you are an airline employee, lighten up for the holiday, you can always look for a job tomorrow. Maybe you could transfer over to a Federal Airport Security Screener job. Big demand for those jobs and you don't have to be smart.

If you are a Haliburton employee, then celebrate, you probably have a raise coming from the Iraqi contract windfall.

If celebrating on any public property, make no mention or relgious ideals. Government is god there. You will be apprehended.

Have your papers ready as you approach the holiday police checkpoints.

Don't criticize the President or other government officials, you might be in violation of the Patriot Act and considered a possible terrorist. Remember: "If you're not WITH US, you're AGAINST US".

Don't mention the Constitution in any district court or you could be held in contempt.

If your children get out of line this holiday, do not discipline them, or they may be kidnapped by the Dept. of Social Services and held hostage until you receive approved psychological therapy and are deemed acceptable.

Show compassion this Independence Day by bringing an illegal immigrant to your celebration or by hugging a tree.

If an election is occurring in your locality within the next 90 days, do not talk about or publicly support any candidate, as that is no longer lawful. Keep your mouth shut.

If an officer asks to search your vehicle at the "seat belt" checks, do not be beligerent and demand a search warrant. Standing up for your Fourth Amendment rights is anti-social and not in tune with the new American way. Are you with Al Quada or something?

Do not get upset when the searching officer will not help you pick up your belongings that he has strewn all over the highway as he searched your vehicle. It is not in his job description and complaining will get you charged with obstructing justice.

Keep your guns at home. You are not going hunting and besides, What on earth do guns have to do with American Independence? Better yet, turn your guns into the authorities to let them know that you are a true patriotic American.

Better yet, just STAY at home. BUT do not assume that you are safe, because you are at home. If a government bureaucrat shows up at your home, he will probably be flashing a badge at you. This makes him look like a constitutional law enforcement officer. He may even be armed. Do not ask to see a warrant, and then tell him to leave if he does not have one. They will put a siege around your house. If you do not come out soon enough, they may invade, with guns drawn, or even set your house on fire. For more information, do a search using keywords like "Symbionese Liberation Army", "Philadelphia MOVE group", "Gordon Kahl", "The Order", "Robert Matthews", "Covenant of the Sword and Arm of the Lord", "Randy Weaver" , "Branch Davidian", or "Elian Gonzalez".

If you are counting on you congressman to protect you, understand that the average congressman is ALSO afraid to resist. For more information, do a search using keywords like "George Hanson" , "James Traficant" or "Larry McDonald".

If celebrating at the mall in Washington D. C., you are probably safe as the mall is now monitored by hundreds of surveillance cameras, watched by federal security forces. Don't do anything that you wouldn't want them to see.

Bring lots of cash with you, there will be many taxes, fines, and fees to pay as you celebrate your freedoms this day.

Do not leave home without your driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, welfare card, medicare card, medical records, W-2 Form, and two others forms of ID. You may be asked for them at the police checkpoints. Better yet, get micro-chipped, and avoid the hassle of carrying around your papers.

Bring your library card, the FBI may ask you for it.

Do not put any "anti-government" bumper stickers on your car. Especially not anything about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Police have been trained by the FBI in "bumper sticker profiling". This attracts their attention at the check points, and makes you look like a terrorist.

With regard to "bumper sticker profiling" you should be especially aware of the fact that "They will get my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead fingers" is no longer mere semantics. At WACO, and at RUBY RIDGE, we learned that they WILL kill you to take your guns

ALSO, be careful not to have any unauthorized THOUGHTS. There are now serious penalties for "thought crime". Be aware that "civil forfeiture" laws make it possible to take anything that you own, by alleging that it was "intended" to be used for the commission of a crime. This could include transporting or storing a gun. If "civil forfeiture" proceedings are initiated against you, then you will have the burden of proof, to show that your thoughts were in compliance with government standards.

If traveling by air this Independence Day, do not give the airport screeners a hard time. They are feeling you up and molesting your daughter and wife for the security of America. If you complain you could be arrested. You don't support Bin Laden do you?

Keep an eye on your fellow Americans as you celebrate this 4th of July. If you see anything supicious, take notes so that when you get home you can call and report them to the Homeland Security Office. And remember you are not a nosey snitch, you are a great American Patriot.

Do not mention the signers of the Declaration of Independence this 4th of July. Mentioning these white subversive terrorists is not popular and could get you in big trouble. Besides what do these guys have to do with the 4th of July anyway?

Do not leave home without one or more little plastic American flags made by political slaves in Communist China. Make sure you have one flying from the antennae of your vehicle. You don't want to seem un-American do you?

Do not take a copy of the Declaration of Independence with you as it advocates the overthrow of tyrannical government. It is a terrorist document and will be confiscated at the holiday police checkpoints. Same advice for the Constitution.

And remember, as you leave home for your 4th of July outing, that the second you stepped out of your door that you probably broke hundreds of federal, state, and local laws that you are probably unaware of. However, if you tow the line, you will not be charged.

Don't even think about taxes on this great day. The 50 per cent government confiscation of your income at the threat of imprisonment or at the point of a gun should not even cross your mind as you revel in your freedom. After all, April 15th is a long way off.

And whatever you do, do not let on that you really know that true freedom died a long time ago in America, just have fun for the day and then go home and stick your head back in the sand and pretend America is not becoming a socialist police state.

Now go out there and celebrate your freedom and liberty and have a great sanitized, politically correct, and thoroughly Marxian, government approved and authorized Independence Day!

If you have a few decades with nothing better to do, study up on "administrative law". Laws are now made by the unelected bureaucrats, in hundreds of "administrative agencies". If you are charged with violating one of these "laws" you will not get a trial by a jury of your peers. You will be tried by the agency that made the charge.

I hope this message gets past the Department of Homeland security approved internet filter. How else can they protect us from unauthorized thought?

Now go out and celebrate your independence and have a great Independence Day!

This came from the Internet and is being passed around via email. I do not know its original source.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

National Emergency

The following was published anonymously to one of the email forums I belong to. I thought it interesting enough to put here. I don't know who the author is.

I just finished a search of the federal register for the past two years. I wanted to compile a list of the declarations of national emergency that are on the books. This particular list is geared towards those emergencies that were in force and effect as of September 12th, 2001 (the day of the arrest) and also include a couple or three that immediately followed.

The issue here is that just about everyone reading this has lived all their lives in a perpetual state of national emergency. The first emergency that was on the books that is still in effect today is the one from March 6, 1933 by the Traitor FDR (Executive Proclamation 2038). Another one that is not included here is from December 16, 1950, Truman's declaration of emergency with respect to Korea. Neither of these two emergencies have been revoked by the POTUS.


Along the way, CONgress wrote a "sunset" clause that stated that if an emergency was declared by the POTUS, that it would expire after two years, and then it had to be renewed. That is the bulk of what you find below. The other two emergencies noted above were grandfathered in and will not end without express revocation by the POTUS.

What does living in a state of national emergency mean? For example, I find in the Nevada Constitution at Article I, Section Sec. 11:

Right to keep and bear arms; civil power supreme.

1. Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes.

2. The military shall be subordinate to the civil power; No standing army shall be maintained by this State in time of peace, and in time of War, no appropriation for a standing army shall be for a longer time than two years.

No standing army shall be maintained in time of peace.

What in the heck is the Nevada State Police and the Police Units of the Metro areas? They are a standing army. Take a look at their authority and you will find they report to the governor, who is the commander in chief of the state armed forces.

If no standing army can be kept in time of peace, then we must be at war. Where is the evidence of that?

The War Powers Act of 1973 essentially grants to the POTUS the "power" to declare war. That is why there is no necessity for a declaration by CONgress. They have abdicated this responsibility. There is no War on Terror, because CONgress did not declare war. They delegated authority to the POTUS to do whatever he wants to do with it so that CONgress remains not responsible (or is it irresponsible?)

Anyway, here are the rest of the declarations of national emergency that are on the books that were in force and effect on September 12, 2001. There were three more added soon thereafter.

3. Respect to Iran (Executive Order 12170, November 14, 1979); 68 F.R. 64489

5. Notice of May 27, 2002; Continuation of Emergency With Respect to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) (Executive Order 12808, May 30, 1992); 67 F.R. 37661

5. Notice of September 23, 2002; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to UNITA (Executive Order 12865, September 26, 1993); 67 F.R. 60105

6. Notice of January 16, 2004; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Terrorists Who Threaten To Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process (Executive Order 12947, January 23, 1995); 69 F.R. 2991

7. Notice of October 16, 2002; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Narcotics Traffickers Centered in Colombia (Executive Order 12978, October 21, 1995); 67 F.R. 64307

8. Notice of February 26, 2004; Continuation of the National Emergency Relating to Cuba and of the Emergency Authority Relating to the Regulation of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels (Proclamation 6867, March 1, 1996); 69 F.R. 9513

9. Notice of January 5, 2004; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Libya (Executive Order 12543, January 7, 1986); 69 F.R. 847

10. Notice of July 30, 2002; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Iraq (Executive Order 12722, August 2, 1990); 67 F.R. 50341

11. Notice of November 6, 2002; Continuation of Emergency Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction (Executive Order 12938, November 14, 1994); 67 F.R. 68493

12. Notice of March 10, 2004; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Iran (Executive Order 12957, March 15, 1995); 69 F.R. 12051

13. Proclamation 7757 of February 26, 2004; Expanding the Scope of the National Emergency (Proclamation 6867 of March 1, 1996) and Invocation of Emergency Authority Relating to the Regulation of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels into Cuban Territorial Waters; 69 F.R. 9515

14. Notice of May 17, 2004; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Burma (Executive Order 13047, May 20, 1997); 69 F.R. 29041

15. Notice of October 29, 2003; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Sudan (Executive Order 13067, November 3, 1997); 68 F.R. 62211

16. Executive Order 13324 of January 15, 2004; Termination of Emergency With Respect to Sierra Leone and Liberia (Executive Order 13194, January 18, 2001); 69 F.R. 2823

17. Notice of June 20, 2003; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to the Western Balkans (Executive Order 13219, June 26, 2001); 68 F.R. 37389

18. Notice of August 14, 2002; Continuation of Emergency Regarding Export Control Regulations (Executive Order 13222, August 17, 2001); 67 F.R. 53721

19. Notice of September 10, 2003; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks (Executive Order 13223, September 14, 2001); 68 F.R. 53665

20. Executive Order 13223 of September 14, 2001; 66 F.R. 48201; Ordering the Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces To Active Duty and Delegating Certain Authorities to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Transportation

21. Notice of September 19, 2002; Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect To Persons Who Commit, Threaten To Commit, Or Support Terrorism (Executive Order 13224, September 23, 2001); 67 F.R. 59447

There are three more since then not listed here.

Look at your children. Tell them they are living under a perpetual state of national emergency and you are going to do your utmost to end this farce.

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The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The First Steps Towards a Draft...

Greetings! Uncle Sam Wants You...Again
By Staff and Wire Reports
Jun 30, 2004, 05:20

For the first time in more than a decade, the Army is forcing thousands of former soldiers back into uniform, a reflection of the strain on the service of long campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army officials said Tuesday that about 5,600 former soldiers - mostly people who recently left the service and have up-to-date skills in military policing, engineering, logistics, medicine or transportation - will be assigned to National Guard and Reserve units starting in July.

Many of them will find themselves in Iraq by the end of the year.

They are in a rarely used pool of reservists known as the Individual Ready Reserve. They are distinct from the National Guard and Reserve because they do not perform regularly scheduled training and are not paid as reservists, but they are eligible to be recalled in an emergency because their active duty hitches did not complete the service obligation in their enlistment contracts.

The Army planned to announce details of the call-up on Wednesday.

It is the first sizable activation of the Individual Ready Reserve since the 1991 Gulf War, though several hundred people have voluntarily returned to service since the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The Army is targeting its recall on those who recently left the service and thus have fresher skills than retirees. Any time the military calls on its reservists for wartime duty, political implications arise because of the disruption to civilian lives and businesses. In this case it may reinforce the perception among some that Iraq is stretching the Army too far.

Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said Tuesday that dipping into the Individual Ready Reserve amounts to conscripting people to fight in Iraq.

"If there was any doubt that this administration was conducting a pseudo-draft, this call-up should dispel that doubt," Larsen said.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., President Bush's presumed opponent in the fall election, has made similar complaints about the administration's use of Reserves and National Guardsmen. After the Pentagon, stretched by war needs, declared a "stop-loss" this month to prevent the separation of troops, Kerry declared: "They have effectively used a stop-loss policy as a backdoor draft."

The Army said the Individual Ready Reserve members who are recalled will be given at least 30 days' notice to report for training.

Vietnam veteran Chuck Luczynski said in an interview Tuesday that he fears his son, Matt, who is getting out of the Army after four years, will be called back as part of the individual reserves. The son returned home in March after a year's tour in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division, and he has plans to start a computer programming business.

"I think that's on everybody's mind right now, that they took their turn, and they would hope everybody took a turn so that a few don't carry the many," said the elder Luczynski, of Omaha, Neb.

The Army is so stretched for manpower that in April it broke a promise to some active-duty units, including the 1st Armored Division, that they would not have to serve more than 12 months in Iraq. It also has extended the tours of other units, including some in Afghanistan.

The men and women recalled from the Individual Ready Reserve will be assigned to Army Reserve and National Guard units that have been or soon will be mobilized for deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, unless they successfully petition for exemption based on medical or other limitations.

In January, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld authorized the Army to activate as many as 6,500 people from the Individual Ready Reserve, drawing on presidential authority granted in 2001.

Not until May did the Army begin looking in detail at the available pool of people.

At that point some Army recruiters caused a controversy when they contacted members of the Individual Ready Reserve and suggested they would wind up in Iraq unless they joined a Reserve or Guard unit. Some complained that they were being coerced to transfer into a Reserve unit.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


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Monday, June 28, 2004

The Socialism of Social Security

by Jacob G. Hornberger, December 2003

The crown jewel of the socialist welfare state in America is Social Security. Rooted in the socialist predilections of Otto von Bismarck, the "iron chancellor" of Germany in the late 1800s, Social Security is one of the most immoral, anti-family socialist programs in America today. It also perfectly embodies the American people's denigration of the great God-given gift of free will.

One of the Ten Commandments, of course, is "Honor thy father and thy mother," but implicit in that commandment is the notion that individuals are free to say "No." That's what freedom and free will are all about. If the state forces a person to honor his mother and father or punishes him for failing to do so, then that person is not truly free. Moreover, to the extent that his decisions are motivated by threat of punishment by the state his actions mean nothing in terms of virtue and morality.

The state justifies Social Security on two grounds. One, that it is actually a retirement system in which the government taxes a person, puts the money away in a safe place, and then gives it to the person when he reaches retirement age. But it's all a lie.

To read more, click here.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Not So Funnies

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