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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Justice Denied - Judge says 'F you!" to jury

Justice Ignored - Ward Churchill Jury Verdict Overturned

On April 2, 2009, after hearing evidence for a month, a Denver jury unanimously found that Ward Churchill had been fired from the University of Colorado *not* because of research misconduct but in retaliation for speech protected by the First Amendment.

After more than four years of political attacks on Ward Churchill, a clear statement had been made: the University of Colorado had violated the U.S. Constitution when it fired Churchill, a tenured full professor of American Indian Studies.

The normal remedy in such cases? Reinstatement.

Today, July 7, 2009, Judge Larry Naves of the Denver District Court threw out the jury’s verdict, adopting the University’s argument that the Regents have “quasi-judicial” immunity from such lawsuits. In essence, this means that the Regents and University administrators are free to continue to violating the Constitution.

In a 42-page opinion lifted wholesale from the University’s pleadings, Judge Naves went on to explain why Ward Churchill should not be given front pay, back pay, or be reinstated.

All of these are irrelevant, of course, if the jury’s verdict is not upheld. But the fact that the judge went to such pains to adopt the University’s arguments – which often directly contravened the factual record in this case – speaks volumes.

This ruling simply confirms what we have observed so often. When given access to the facts, regular people on the street can make clear, reasoned decisions that uphold constitutional values. It is rare, however, to find persons in positions of power who will not bow to political pressure.

Attorney David Lane will, of course, appeal this decision. Ward Churchill’s reaction? “I can’t think of any way to improve upon Steve Earle’s line from *The Hard Way*: ‘There are some who break and bend. I’m the other kind.’”

Natsu Saito

Russell Means:
July 7, 2009

If you’re an American Indian in the United States of America, whether you are a Lakotah or a Navajo, a tenured professor or a Nobel Peace Prize winner, or an elected president of another country, you will not receive justice in any form from the white people of America.

They attacked Vine Deloria, Jr. (on the day of his funeral), Rigoberta Menchu and Evo Morales. An Indian on a reservation can’t get justice. And a tenured professor can get unconstitutionally thrown out, vindicated by a jury of his peers in a court of law, and it doesn’t matter.

Everyone I’ve named cannot fight back. Evo Morales has to worry about being the president of a country; Rigoberta Menchu has to continue working for her people. Vine Deloria is dead. Indian people on reservations have no power of any kind.

Only Ward has the ability to fight back and win, and it’s still not good enough. They still quash him.

The American Indian has been living at Guantánamo Bay since the founding of the United States of America

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For those of you who are unaware, I have several websites/blogs that I publish. This is one of them, of course, and has been around the longest of the group. Most of the what's here, however, is reprinted from other sources rather than written by myself. This is mainly due to time constraints and the fact that I just got tired of writing pro-liberty stuff that nobody really has interest in. I wrote a lot of stuff in the beginning, but after getting nothing but (supposed) libertarian nit-pickers who found every little "problem" with my thoughts and pointed them out, I gave up.

That was about the same time I realized that the Libertarian Party as well as the Constitution Party are nothing more than glorified debate clubs. They get nothing done and are meaningless as anything but talking-point platforms for those who can't get up the balls to just go out and MAKE change happen.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing what else I do and where I'm actually writing, here's a list of my blogs:

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There you go, folks. Instead of asking your friendly FBI agent where I'm writing stuff, I spell it all out for you right here, convenient-like. :)

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IOU and the AA Meeting

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by Bonzer Wolf

The Federal Protective Service (FPS) is a component of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE was established in March 2003 as the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security. ICE is comprised of five integrated divisions with broad responsibilities for a number of key homeland security priorities.

The Government Accountability Office told a congressional panel Wednesday that its investigators were able to carry bomb-making materials through 10 security checkpoints monitored by the Federal Protection Service, which guards nearly 9,000 facilities throughout the country.

According to preliminary findings of a GAO study, the investigators assembled the bomb components -- which were in concentrations low enough that they wouldn't explode -- in restrooms, put the devices in briefcases and walked freely around the buildings.

In some cases, the bathrooms were locked and building employees opened them.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, called the hearing after learning of the GAO's initial findings. He called the security lapses "the broadest indictment of an agency of the federal government that I've heard."

The FPS has 1,236 employees and more than 13,000 contracted security guards. The 67 private companies that employ those guards are responsible for their supervision, training and equipment.

Although the specifics were classified, the GAO said, the devices involved in the tests included two parts -- a liquid explosive and a low-yield detonator -- that could be purchased at stores or over the Internet for less than $150.

Investigators placed their briefcases on conveyor belts, but the guards and X-ray machines failed to detect anything suspicious, the GAO said. At three of the 10 security checkpoints tested, guards were not looking at the X-ray screens as the bomb-making materials passed through.

The tests were carried out in four cities in major metropolitan areas. Eight of the 10 buildings were government-owned. They included the district offices of a U.S. senator and a U.S. representative, as well as agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, of which the FPS is a part, and the State and Justice departments. The tests were conducted in April and May, and only those 10 sites were tested.

The GAO would not identify the buildings or their locations publicly but said they were randomly selected "Level 4" facilities, which house more than 450 federal employees, have a high volume of public contact and could be considered a "likely target." Level 4 is second only to Level 5, which includes the White House and the CIA headquarters.

The GAO's full report is not expected until September. Among the initial findings:

* In one region, the FPS has not provided the required eight hours of X-ray or magnetometer training to its 1,500 guards since 2004.

* In another region, 62% of contract guards had expired certifications in at least one of the following areas: weapons, CPR, first aid and baton use.

* At one high-security facility, an armed guard was found asleep at his post after taking the painkiller Percocet.

* In one major city, an improperly trained guard sent an infant in a carrier through an X-ray machine.

* A guard who was supposed to be standing watch was caught using government computers to further his for-profit adult website.

* A guard failed to recognize or did not properly X-ray a box containing handguns at the loading dock of a facility.

Gary Schenkel, the FPS director, accepted responsibility for the findings but noted challenges his agency has experienced since he arrived in 2007, including budget constraints. In response to the GAO findings, he said the FPS needed to be "much more involved" in standardizing the agency and its training procedures in all 50 states.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Opportunity-Killing Laws

by John Stossel

I’ve often reported on how licensing laws kill opportunity. Typically, politically connected businesses band together with regulators in the name of creating “standards” for “safety”, “fairness”, etc., but the regulations quickly become a mechanism for protecting the establishment from cheaper or more innovative competition.

In DC, a “cosmetology board” was putting innovative hair braiders out of business. With the help of the Institute for Justice the hairdressers took that case to court and won. But politicians, urged on by special interests, are always busy passing business-killing licensing laws. A massage therapist in Pennsylvania sent me this case:

“States are enacting massage laws which require people who have been making a living as massage therapist for years to go to massage schools and pay in excess of 10K for unnecessary training. This in spite of the fact that there are no cases showing public harm as a result of people performing massage that have not [gone] to school... The schools who benefit from these laws of course contributed millions to enact these bits of legislation. I would love for you to consider doing a story on this mess as one of your Gimmie A break segments.

I am in PA and will be out of business in two years unless my wife and I and find a way to pay over 20K to the school and find the time to attend classes while we care for our 4 kids.”

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Activists on both the left and the right spotlight a broken federal government

by Claire Wolfe

On October 28, 2005, 400 citizens of Vermont met amid the pomp of their capitol building and voted to secede from the Union. The media, to say the least, was surprised. Those who noticed (which included CBS News and the Christian Science Monitor) treated the story as a novelty, only slightly more serious than the latest sighting of the Virgin Mary’s face in a Texas taco. But the vote was the first rumble of what could become a political and cultural earthquake. And Vermont isn’t the only state on the fault line. Other secessionist or state sovereignty movements are building from Hawaii to New Hampshire.

Millions of Americans perceive that the federal government is broken and might not be fixable. They view centralized power as heavy-handed, intrusive—and yet useless when it’s called upon for help, as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Right or wrong, like them or not, state sovereignty activists say, “We have a solution.”

Their solution is radical local activism to restore power to citizens at the state level. They aim to make state laws that counteract federal ones. They hope to preserve local or regional cultures against homogenization. They’re all aiming for their idea of freedom—although often their concepts of freedom are diverse, to say the least.

Watch them: They may be the vanguard of a much larger movement of frustrated citizens who feel helpless to achieve their aims at the federal level but who aren’t willing to accept the status quo.

The Vermont meeting was a gathering of activists, not a session of the state legislature, so the secession vote has no legal force. The members of the Second Vermont Republic (SVR) consider it simply the first of many planned steps.

The SVR is “left-wing.” In addition to opposing big government, it also opposes “big business, big markets, and big agriculture” and what members see as a dreary, institutional sameness being imposed on the entire world.

But secession isn’t inherently left-wing. Secession is simply the separation of one political entity from another. And it’s just one of a number of related ideas now being actively promoted.

Next door to Vermont, for instance, the libertarian Free State Project (FSP) aims to encourage enough activists to move to New Hampshire to permanently alter that state’s politics. They want smaller government, a free-market economy, and the ability to “just say no” to the worst federal laws and bureaucratic policies. The FSP has already signed up 7,000 of a hoped-for 20,000 activists.

The FSP and the SVR arise from opposite ends of the political spectrum. They differ in tactics and goals. The FSP is not secessionist. But both groups share that key central concept: local activism to achieve aims that can’t be achieved at the federal level.

Other sovereignty movements have arisen in Hawaii, Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska, among other places. The group, Christian Exodus, aims to spark an en masse move to South Carolina. There, they hope to gain control of the legislature and run state government on religious principles.

Others would like to unite Canada’s western plains provinces to the USA’s western mountain states, pointing out that they have more in common with each other than with their respective eastern urban centers.

Some groups, like the FSP, are determined to work within the system. Even the most radical secessionist groups hope to “go in peace.” They want no trouble, just to be left alone.

“But isn’t secession illegal?” some object.

Actually, probably not.

The U.S. Constitution is silent on secession. But the 9th and 10th amendments make it clear that states have higher authority than the federal government in all but a few specified areas. Those same amendments proclaim that the people have rights, while the central government has only limited powers delegated to it by the states and the people. In other words, since the Constitution doesn’t say that states can’t secede, then naturally, say the organizers of the SVR and other secessionist groups, they can.

But of course, theory and practice are two different things. The last time American states tried to act on such a claim, the federal government overpowered them, with catastrophic loss of life on both sides.

Will the Second Vermont Republic—or any other regional independence movement—succeed? The example of 1861 sets a disastrous precedent for those who want the most radical solutions. On the other hand, the former Soviet republics more recently separated from Russia without war. And historically the boundaries of countries are ever-shifting.

It’s probably a long way to the first true secessionist vote. Possibly no such vote will ever be taken. But even if these projects don’t achieve their ultimate aims, they do succeed in bringing activists together. They shine much-needed light on deep national problems. They get people to think “outside the box.” Organizations like the SVR and the FSP could renew the cultural climate of their states and restore an independent spirit to parts of North America. That alone could be a worthy goal.

For more information:

The Second Vermont Republic, PO Box 1093, Montpelier, VT 05601,
The Free State Project, PO Box 1684, Keene, NH 03431, 1-888-532-4604,
The American Secession Project, (This is a web-only listing of many secession and free state projects.)

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Statist health care, by the numbers

0: The number of unrehearsed, unscripted questions asked of President Obama during his “Town Hall” on health care reform.

13: The number of teeth that British veteran Ian Boynton pulled out himself with pliers “because he couldn’t find an NHS (National Health Service) dentist… [he] could not afford to go private for treatment so instead took the drastic action to remove 13 of his teeth that were giving him severe pain.”

14: The percentage of all patients in Britain who wait more than one (1) year to receive treatment after a referral by a general practitioner. Half of all National Health Care patients in Britain wait between 18 and 52 weeks for treatment.

37: The “health care ranking” assigned to the U.S. by the World Health Organization among the world’s countries. This oft-quoted number is used to justify an overhaul of the U.S. health care system and lists countries like Italy (2), Andorra (4), Malta (5), Singapore (6), Oman (8), Portugal (12), Greece (14), the United Kingdom (18), Ireland (19), Columbia (22), Cyprus (24), Saudi Arabia (26), the UAE (27), Morocco (29), Canada (30), Chile (33), the Dominican Republic (35) and Costa Rica (36) ahead of the U.S. Considering that no U.S. citizens travel to these countries when experiencing a life-threatening situation, it’s worth questioning the methods by which the WHO arrived at these rankings. Their criteria included subjective and political assessments such as “Fairness in financial contribution“. Suffice it to say that the WHO’s rankings are clearly fraudulent and are designed to influence U.S. policy.

60: Average cancer survival rate (all types) for patients in the United States. Canada’s survival rate is significantly lower at 55%, while Europe’s is a dismal 48%.

81: Average percentage of those who survive a diagnosis of prostate cancer in the United States versus 43% in Britain under their National Health Service.

90: Number of days, on average, each Canadian patient must wait for an MRI under the Canadian government-run health care system.

750: The estimated number of people waiting in line (in the pouring rain) at Britain’s Bury Office attempting to register for dental care.

2050: By this year, “Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (health care for the poor) will consume nearly the entire federal budget.” And by 2082, Medicare spending alone will consume the entire federal budget. This trajectory is, quite obviously, unsustainable for our children and our grandchildren. Congress is bequeathing our descendents a bankrupt health care system — for just the third of the medical system that the government already runs!

10,000: Number of Canadian breast cancer patients to file a class action lawsuit against Quebec’s hospitals because, on average, they were forced to wait 60 days to begin post-operative radiation treatments.

280,392: The number of jobs that employers would shed if government levied an employer mandate, requiring them to insure all employees. A 2007 study by Katherine Baicker of Harvard University and Helen Levy of the University of Michigan (“Employer Health Insurance Mandates and the Risk of Unemployment“) found that “0.2 percent of all full-time workers and 1.4 percent of uninsured full-time workers would lose their jobs if a health insurance mandate were written into law. Workers who would lose their jobs are disproportionately likely to be high school dropouts, minority, and female.”

443,849: The number of British patients of the National Healthcare Service (NHS) who waited four or more weeks for inpatient admittance into a hospital (Excel file) in May of 2009 (more than 75% of all patients).

1,500,000: The number of Canadians who do not have — and cannot find — a general practitioner/primary care physician due to shortages in medical staff: “In Norwood, Ontario, 20/20 videotaped a town clerk pulling the names of the lucky winners out of a lottery box. The losers must wait to see a doctor… Shirley Healy, like many sick Canadians, came to America for surgery. Her doctor in British Columbia told her she had only a few weeks to live because a blocked artery kept her from digesting food. Yet Canadian officials called her surgery ‘elective.’ …’The only thing elective about this surgery was I elected to live,’ she said.”

12,000,000: number of illegal immigrants who would qualify for free health care and — in all likelihood — additional health care rights for relatives under the Democrats’ universal health care plan, according to a reported statement by the office of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and spokespeople for the racial separatist group La Raza.

$311,000,000 ($311 million): The amount of additional funding requested last month by the Obama administration simply to combat Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud is estimated at $60 billion annually.

$3,600,000,000 ($3.6 billion): The amount of added malpractice insurance costs to the current health care system instigated by an out-of-control trial lawyer lobby that donates heavily to Democrat causes.

$10,000,000,000 ($10 billion): The estimated amount of Medicaid fraud, based upon FBI estimates. Criminal practices include billing for nonexistent, overstated, or unnecessary services, kickbacks to patients, inflated costs, etc.

$60,000,000,000 ($60 billion): The estimated annual amount of Medicare fraud, due to widespread criminal operations that victimize taxpayers and specialize in dead doctors, fake patients, non-existent treatments and the like.

$107,000,000,000,000 ($107 trillion): The estimated shortfall of the Medicare and Social Security programs, which are utterly and completely bankrupt; they can be legitimately called an “enormous version of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme”.

Canada and England don’t pay as high a price for their health care because they freeload on American innovation. If we utilized their systems, Americans might worry less about paying for health care, but we’d get 2009-level care and long lines. Those are the immutable laws of supply and demand. Government monopolies don’t innovate. Only the free market innovates.

Furthermore, government bureaucrats already raped the Social Security Trust Fund — there is no trust fund. They raped the Medicare Trust Fund — there’s nothing left. They raped the Highway Trust Fund — it’s empty. I could go down a long list of things the government said it would do, but hasn’t done. Because the big government statists are liars. They even moved these massive expenditures “off the books” to conceal the damage they’ve done.

And now the Democrat Party, the union bosses and the trial lawyers are launching the most massive attack on the American people in the history of government.

They promise health care for everyone, but they will not — and they can’t possibly — deliver it. The numbers don’t lie.

References: Sick in America: ‘Free’ Is Good? (ABC News), There’s no such thing as free health care (Reason Magazine), Social Security and Medicare Projections: 2009 (National Center for Policy Analysis), Who is Debby Smith?, E.R. P.R., Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2009.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

McNamaranism Alive and Well

by karen Kwiatkowski

Columnist Bob Herbert’s homage to Robert McNamara on his peaceful passage at age 93 is apropos. Herbert was a draftee in the mid-60s. He, his friends and cousins, were sent to Southeast Asia to fight a lie-based war that no one, we learned later, wanted or needed.

The boys drafted in the 60’s and 70’s for Vietnam duty had one advantage over today’s soldiers, in terms of their ability to morally and intellectually deal with being sent to kill in the name of Washington. Most of them didn’t ask to go, and didn’t understand why they were there. They were tools, but most were honest tools. Alternatives to patriotic uniformed slave labor in the draft era were minimal.

The politicians of McNamara’s ilk had a moral and intellectual excuse as well. LBJ was doing the "war" in Vietnam as a jobs and welfare program. Jobs to keep the defense hawks out of his hair while he and the Congress pursued, at the time, an unprecedented domestic spending spree. Coming out of the 50’s with federal and state revenues flowing freely, there seemed to be plenty for both the warfare and the welfare state. Vietnam was and remains a good war in the eyes of the statists.

I suspect that such gnarled and convoluted macro-logic helped keep guys like McNamara sane, even as he reflected later on what it meant to be responsible for killing 30 or 40 thousand young Americans, and perhaps three million Vietnamese during his tenure as Secretary of Defense.

Justifying deaths of that magnitude is probably easier than living with the memory of single victim in an accident you might have prevented. I suspect many Americans employed by the state agonize more running over a kitten or a puppy in their driveway on their way to work than they do over the deaths of thousands, fallen because they lied, veiled the truth, did what they were told rather than what they knew was moral.

Today’s wars are in a different place, yet McNamara-style justifications, obfuscations, and moral hollowness prevail triumphant.

Instead of preventing a communist domino effect on the Asian rim, Bush/Clinton/Bush and Obama are "preventing" independent republics, Islamic and secular, from freely trading their own resources and solving their own domestic problems. Americans like to think they themselves would never tolerate this kind of treatment by a foreign army and its diplomatic corps. We can only pray, as McNamara must have, that there is no karma.

Washington executes this aggressive interference with smaller countries as it has for a dozen decades – through economic pressure, including both gifts and sanctions, through military threats and attempted military occupations. Many would say our policies towards Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran today are not the same thing at all as our policies toward Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and China in the 50s and 60s. Thinking people must disagree. The pattern fits and we ought to own up to that.

Oh, but communistic bleedover in the 60’s was one thing, and Islamic fundamentalism, oil control and Israel’s security today is completely different! For average Americans who don’t recognize communism when stares them in the face, have no clue about either fundamentalism or Muslims, don’t understand the global oil and financial marketplace, and forgot about Israel’s place as the richest per capita Middle Eastern country and the only one with 400 nuclear weapons at the ready – trust me, it’s the same damn thing, with the same steady stream of junk news at the spewing end of the state power catheter.

Let’s leave for a moment the hypocritical and murderous way we presently deal with the Middle East, a formal policy of threats, military and political interference, and lack of humanity. For Americans, this is mainly a political problem. We know politicians are ignorant and venal, vain supplicants to power and money. As long as our politicians and their appointees, McNamara-style, are killing people and destroying productive infrastructure in other countries, they are providing jobs for us, and what’s a few deaths of otherwise unemployable volunteers in the military?

McNamara lives in our hearts. If you liked this intellectual statist and his clean-handed death-dealing, read no further. This is his legacy, and it is us.

I am sitting here listening to William Shatner asking about Jon Voigt’s Raw Nerve. Apparently, Voigt and Shatner both find the volunteer soldiers and Marines in Iraq, and presumably their commanders and their leaders, to be pure – Voigt said they have a "kind of purity" and they are "better than his generation" who didn’t want to go to Vietnam. These patriots love what they are doing in Iraq, in Afghanistan. How sweet it is to lovingly serve the state, to build schools while metaphorically and literally murdering the unruly schoolchildren.

Why Robert McNamara lived to age 93 is not for us to know. He did have second thoughts, but his decades-late utterances about the Pentagon and Washington’s lies and immorality only enraged those who hated the war, as well as those who believed in the empire.

But to mourn his passing is unnecessary. We haven’t learned a thing from his life and crimes. We continue to trust our overseas wars and our patriotic souls to soft-handed, finely dressed, wire-rimmed statist intellectuals and pansy-hearted politicians, beholden to the lobbies of democracy, of national industry, of foreign interests, of empire.

We trust them and we send our own unemployable and ill-educated children into the maw, for their own good. To make them strong and pure. To instill in them blind obedience to intellectuals in suits. To train them in the ways of professional and political bean counters who cannot count.

Until we the people completely turn our backs on the state, and its beloved empire, we are all McNamarans.

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The Endless Scares

by John Stossel

The fear du jour is “global climate change.”

To keep that in perspective, it's good to remember the long list of previous scares like Y2K, SARS, pesticide residues, Mad Cow disease, nuclear power, and so on. The list is long. Here’s one that conservatives pushed: Pornography leads to rape. It did have logic to it, just as it seemed logical that watching violent TV and playing violent video games would lead kids to become more violent. But the opposite has happened.

At, Tim Worstall cites Department of Justice data that shows that since the 1970s, the incidence of rape per capita has declined by an incredible 85%. Worstall points out:

It isn't exactly news that the rise of the internet and the web has made pornography vastly more available. Where once there was, at least widely, only the mildest of cheesecake available in the likes of Playboy now every act and perversion can be viewed with a few simple clicks of a mouse. If exposure to porn did indeed cause rape, if on balance they were complements not substitutes, we would have expected an explosion in the incidence of rapes.

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds agrees. Trying to explain improvements in the rates of teen pregnancy, crime and drug use, he suggests that even teens' increased access to porn and violent videogames might have caused the declines. Reynolds wrote in 2004:

Maybe the porn, and the videogames, provided catharsis, serving as substitutes for the real thing. Maybe. And maybe there's no connection at all... Most likely, the lesson is that -- once again -- correlation isn't causation, despite policy entrepreneurs' efforts to claim otherwise.

But regardless, the fears of the doomsayers were proven wrong. People can continue to claim that psychological research suggests that videogames lead to violence and that porn leads to promiscuity, but in the real world the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. It's an argument for taking other claims of impending social doom with a grain of salt.

Climate, chemical, bacteria, and terrorism doom too!

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Waffle House waiter sues over Taser incident

by Andria Simmons

A Waffle House employee is suing the Gwinnett County Police Department over what he says was an unprovoked encounter with an officer who stunned him with a Taser.

The department’s internal investigation records reveal that the officer used the weapon like a toy with tacit approval from two superior officers.

Daniel Wilson, the 22-year-old waiter, spoke publicly about the encounter Wednesday at his attorney’s office in Snellville. The incident has already resulted in the arrest of Cpl. Gary Miles, 33, and the resignations of Sgt. Christopher Parry and Sgt. Joey Parkerson. None of the officers could be reached for comment this week because their phone numbers are unlisted.

Wilson said all three officers were regular customers at the Waffle House at 2725 Grayson Highway in Loganville.

He said the restaurant provided police with free food.

Wilson said the officers often pointed the red laser from their Taser at him playfully. They would do so when Wilson picked a song they didn’t like on the jukebox or when telling him not to mess up their order, Wilson said.

“It was uncomfortable, but they are my customers and they tip pretty well,” Wilson said. “I just thought they were being foolish.”

Then on Feb. 16, Wilson was chatting with Parry and Parkerson when Miles sidled up behind him. Without saying a word, Miles zapped him with the Taser, Wilson said.

“I remember feeling the pulse go through my body,” Wilson said. “It hurt.”

Taser stun guns deliver a 50,000-volt electrical current capable of incapacitating a person. The weapon can fire barbed probes a distance of up to 35 feet, or it can be used in “drive stun mode” when pressed directly against a suspect. Gwinnett police checked the data recording from Miles’ Taser and found it was fired for one second at 2:48 a.m. on Feb. 16.

Miles told investigators that he only “spark tested” the Taser near the employee’s back “just to scare him a little bit,” according to the internal investigation file.

Parry, 41, and Parkerson, 39, witnessed the employee being shocked but did not report it. They laughed along with Miles, Wilson said. The sergeants later told investigators they didn’t realize the Taser made contact with Wilson’s body.

Wilson said he remembers telling Miles in the presence of the other officers, “Hey, you actually tased me.”

Wilson again sought an apology from Miles a few days later for accidentally stunning him. He said Miles replied, “Who says I did it by accident?”

Miles was arrested June 18 on charges of misdemeanor battery and violating his oath as an officer. Parry and Parkerson resigned in lieu of termination June 19. Police are also investigating allegations that a fourth officer pointed a Taser at Wilson’s groin during an earlier incident.

Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said he has not ruled out the possibility of charging the two sergeants.

“If the evidence shows there was an unprovoked use of the Taser, and if the evidence shows the sergeants had some criminal responsibility in the case, then they can expect to be prosecuted vigorously,” Porter said.

Michael Puglise, who is representing Wilson in the lawsuit in Gwinnett County State Court, is seeking unspecified punitive damages. He also wants a judge to bar Gwinnett police from carrying Tasers until their policy and training is evaluated.

“What is so concerning to me is the fact that you have a corporal — a ranking officer — zapping a kid with a stun gun and you have two sergeants sitting there watching for their own amusement,” Puglise said. “From their expressions and their actions, it is obvious that this is accepted.”

Gwinnett’s Police Department has had stun guns longer than any other force from the Atlanta area’s largest counties. Currently, 222 of Gwinnett’s 715 sworn officers are certified to carry Tasers, said Cpl. Illana Spellman, a department spokeswoman.

Spellman said using a Taser on innocent civilians is not acceptable. It is also against department policy for officers to accept free food from restaurants.

“It is clearly stated in training that the Taser will only be used to defend the officer or someone else,” Spellman said. “[These officers] were completely wrong.”

Police departments across the state have adopted widely different policies about the use of stun guns. Recently, the director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police said the state needs to offer standardized training.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Preparing for civil unrest

by Claire Wolfe

The most remarkable thing about civil unrest is that there hasn’t been more of it.
Politicians are making a hash of this country—and much of the rest of the civilized world. We know it. They know it. They know we know it. But we don’t feel we can do anything much to stop them.

That right there is the pre-condition for civil unrest—when people are frustrated and politicians are nervous.

Worse, that was how things stood before last fall’s crash. Before pols on both left and right launched the biggest mass transfer of wealth in history—transferring our wealth (what we had left of it!) to their friends on Wall Street and in the banking industry. In other words, that’s how things were before things got bad!

Now everybody’s talking about the ongoing catastrophe (even if we are in a momentarily sunny mood). But almost nobody is talking about the logical—maybe even inevitable—consequences of cynical or desperate politicians abusing an already fed-up populace: civil unrest.

I mean people taking to the streets. Or mass resistance. Or crackdowns because the government fears we might do something to upset its apple cart. It’s going to happen. Somewhere. At some time. It’s going to.

One of the few VIPs to mention the matter openly was Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor and the ultimate insider’s insider. He commented on the millions of unemployed or soon-to-be-unemployed and the “…public awareness of this extraordinary wealth that was transferred to a few individuals at levels without historical precedent in America.” He told “Morning Joe” Scarborough, “Hell, there could be even riots.” I’d say that’s an understatement.

Although few in power are talking about it, rumors abound that governments at many levels are planning for civil unrest. One rumor is about a document supposedly being circulated right now among top federal officials. It’s called the “C&R Document”—with C&R standing for “conflict & revolution.” The much-storied paper is said to be a plan for controlling the American people when we get out of hand. True?

Who knows. But the very rumor tells us a lot about these times.

Other things are not mere rumor. When the federal government established a North American Army command in 2002, its purpose wasn’t to repel foreign invaders. It was domestic operations—something long and rightly forbidden by the Posse Comitatus Act.

In February of 2009, when military commanders in Canada and the U.S. signed a pact allowing their armies to operate inside each other’s country they didn’t even bother to get authorization from Congress—an illegal and unprecedented move. And once again, the purpose was handling “domestic civil emergencies.”

For several years, the Centers for Disease Control tried to get states to adopt something called the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). This act would allow state governments to become police-state dictatorships in event of any ill-defined health emergency—vaccinating people by force, destroying or seizing property without compensation, and rationing medical supplies, food, and fuel. To their credit, most state governments rejected the act. A few adopted portions of it before a fervent opposition campaign caused the CDC to back off. However, the concept of a health dictatorship hasn’t gone away. Not hardly. Within days of the news that a new strain of swine flu had arisen in Mexico in April 2009, states were again considering legislation to give themselves martial-law powers in event of an epidemic.

And what of the dozens and dozens of federal agencies that now have SWAT teams? Seriously, what justifies the Bureau of Land Management or the Department of Housing and Urban Development having paramilitary units?

Now maybe you like the idea of an Army that watches over its own citizens. Maybe it makes sense to have a government seize total dictatorial power in event of a health emergency. Maybe you believe SWAT teams will never be used except against bad guys. But do you really trust these people?

After all, these are the same folks, and this is the same mentality, that not only spent $325,000 to produce a souvenir photo of a presidential 747 zooming low over the Statue of Liberty, but ordered the New York Police Department, the FBI, the Secret Service, and the New York mayor’s office not to tell the public. Never mind that they realized full well that passenger jets and military planes plunging low over Manhattan would evoke panic.

Still, peace reigns. Mostly. At least here in North America. But not everywhere. Not long ago, France was brought to its knees by night after night of rioting. In that country it’s become almost common for workers to hold their bosses hostage in hopes of winning economic concessions. Greece, too, saw its normal life and business shut down by days of rioting. So did Iceland—a country that’s normally the picture of civility.

Can the U.S. be forever immune?

It might not take much—and it could be something out of the blue, something impossible to anticipate—to set us against each other and against the “Trust us; we’ll fix it” political crowd.

In a way, this national silence on a matter so many people are afraid of is similar to the silence about general preparedness issues before 9-11 or Hurricane Katrina. Only Mormons and us wingnuts spoke of preparedness way back when. Since then, of course, advice on preparedness is mainstream and common.

In another sense, this silence is different. Because when unrest finally erupts, it’s not going to be us merely taking care of ourselves. It’s going to be “us against them.” It might be workers against bosses. Or the poor against bankers. Or blacks against Hispanics. Or little folk against Big Men in public office. Or farmers against the USDA. Or xenophobes against xenophiles. But however it happens, the implications aren’t as Boy-Scoutish as just taking care of ourselves in an emergency.

Defining civil unrest
Look up “preparations for civil unrest” on Google and…What’s that echo I hear?—you’ll find nothing that’s going to help you. In fact, you won’t even easily turn up a good definition of what civil unrest is.

Like “indecency,” the definition seems to be in the eye of the beholder.

I wouldn’t consider a peaceful anti-war march to be civil unrest, for instance, but a police chief might. Similarly, I wouldn’t consider acts of localized non-violent lawbreaking (like environmental activists chaining themselves to a tree) to be civil unrest; but a timber company official probably believes otherwise.

Civil unrest occurs when anger, frustration, or fear turn disruptive on a mass scale. Or when government officials crack down because they anticipate such disruptions. Crackdowns can lead to further frustration, leading to further crackdowns and so on—especially when the crackdowns look unwarranted and tyrannical.
In other words, civil unrest can arise from the anger of people or the folly of government or both together.

Anger over an unpopular policy, a new war, a collapse of the currency, panic over a pandemic, a food shortage, a bank run—anything like that could cause civil unrest, especially in a population that’s already on edge and no longer trusts its authority figures.

Another thing you won’t find via Google is how various types or levels of unrest are likely to affect us and how we should respond, if we’re affected. Again, although the men and women at the top are quite concerned for their own sakes, they (and their media mouthpieces) would rather not talk about what we should do in event of civil panic.

But that’s not good enough for we independent-minded people, is it?

Here are my definitions of levels of civil unrest and a little bit about how they might affect us:

LEVEL ONE: The lowest level of civil unrest is when people turn on their own neighborhoods—as happened during the race riots of the 1960s and the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Level One civil unrest can be deadly and destructive, but primarily to people who live, work, or must travel in the immediate area. Level One unrest is spontaneous, Dionysian, is confined to a narrow geographical zone where the protestors live. Police response may be harsh, but it’s localized. Unless you’re in the middle of it, you’re unaffected.

LEVEL TWO: Level Two civil unrest may also be focused on a single area. But in this case, rioters or protesters have deliberately targeted a business district, a facility, a transportation system, or an organization to impose maximum disruption. One example: the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999; young people with violence in mind and rage in their hearts attacked an entire downtown, affecting hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of workers who hardly knew what hit them. Another example: This spring, protesters in Thailand shut down the Bangkok airport, affecting who knows how many individuals and businesses. Level Two unrest is usually planned or semi-planned. The target is chosen deliberately. Although still focused in one area, Level Two can disrupt normal life and business in a whole region or country.

LEVEL THREE: Level Three comes when mass unrest or authoritarian crackdown causes disruption at state or regional level. Then, no matter what the original cause or location of the trouble, everyone in the region is affected. Effects might include travel restrictions, random ID checks, mass arrests, food and fuel rationing, controls on money and banking, roadblocks, and other harsh “emergency” restrictions.

LEVEL FOUR: Level Four is Level Three—but on a national or even international scale. It’s martial law. If things ever get this bad, it’s likely that the government itself will be a far bigger threat to everyone’s well being than whatever the original cause of the clampdown was.

And of course, any level of civil unrest can lead to laws, regulations, and harsher police policies that end up affecting everybody in the long run.

Yes, it can involve us
We make a mistake if we think civil unrest is strictly an urban phenomena. It can happen anywhere.

When 400 government agents and soldiers descended on one isolated family in the Idaho mountains, the roadblocks, helicopters, Humvees, media presence, and furious protestors surrounded the Randy Weaver family and brought the normal life of Boundary County, Idaho, to a halt. The siege against the Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas, wasn’t conducted in the inner-city, either. Yet both of these were large scale catastrophes with all the hallmarks of civil unrest—individuals or groups resisting, government insisting.

I can easily envision strictly rural-based unrest that urban dwellers will never even hear about (except perhaps in highly distorted reports). What happens, for instance, if farmers, 4H families, owners of saddle horses, and holders of small chicken flocks decide to resist en masse the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)? It’s easy to imagine, in these crazy days, USDA SWAT teams descending on the countryside to make arrests, forcibly register or destroy non-compliant animals, and burn down non-registered facilities.

The future could see rural resistance to invasive census-taking, forced vaccination programs, land takings, water-rights policies, or the destruction of herds for real or bogus health reasons. As country people increasingly see governments as foreign organizations driven by the interests of city dwellers, pharmaceutical companies, and mega-agri-business, it wouldn’t surprise me.

If we ever have serious food shortages, expect rural areas to be besieged.

Even when civil unrest confines itself to the cities, airports, or highways it can affect us in crazy ways. Here’s a funny example of unpredictable (in this case mild) consequences. A friend was due to have her first book published in Canada. She was very excited—then disappointed when weeks dragged by and the book didn’t appear. Turns out that a band of Indians was blocking a highway bridge the printer’s truck had to cross. The union truckers, in solidarity, refused to route around the protest. Just one small consequence. But you can see the unpredictability.

The simple truth is that we don’t know what kinds of unrest to anticipate. We don’t know when, or if, we’ll see civil unrest. But thinking about the problem and preparing ourselves mentally and physically to deal with it should be just another aspect of our personal preparedness.

What we can do
1. Keep standard emergency preps up to date. First thing to do is make sure all our typical household preparedness supplies and plans are current. As BHM readers know, backup food, water, and other supplies are our mainstay for everything from bad storms to long-term unemployment, from power outages to social breakdowns. During civil unrest, especially at Level Three or Four, we might not be able to get out to buy things we need—or we might consider it more prudent to stay at home. On the other hand, if we ourselves are part of the unrest, we may need those supplies to sit out a siege.

2. Don’t fall into foolish complacency. We who live in the country tend to have an “it can’t happen here” attitude toward political violence or social upheaval. We see those things as urban pheonomena. And mostly, they are. But there’s no ironclad rule that says they have to be. If anything disrupts the supply chain, for instance, rural areas could be the first to be cut off from food, medicines, fuel, or other necessities. If government breaks down to the point where it can’t deliver food stamps, housing vouchers, social security, or bureaucrats’ pay, the rural poor and unemployed could become just as restive as their urban counterparts.

3. Watch your health. As I write this, the airwaves are shrilling about swine flu. This outbreak may fizzle; after all, perfectly normal flu kills many every year without causing panic, martial law, or incessant media coverage. On the other hand, it’s certain that one day some illness will rampage across the globe. Few things inspire public panic more quickly than contagious disease, and once again rural areas are not immune. Take all the standard recommended precautions like frequent handwashing. Make sure your preparedness kit includes surgical masks and disposable gloves as well as a selection of frequently updated medications. And be ready to lay low at home for a long time in the event a serious plague gets loose.

4. Make common cause with your neighbors. I’ve said it before, but establishing a strong bond with people in your community—right now—is vital to every sort of emergency preparedness. In event of a Level One or Two emergency, these are the folks who could come to your house to make sure you’re okay. They might give you a ride out or a place to sleep if you accidentally end up in a “hot zone” of riot or protest. In a deeper or more long-term emergency, they could pool resources with you to make supply runs. They can advise you if they’ve spotted a roadblock. They might let you cross their land to avoid a route that has become dangerous.

5. If you grow crops or raise food animals and the unrest is due to a food shortage (or something has driven city people out into the countryside), prepare to protect your resources day and night. Here again neighbors can do each other valuable services, like taking shifts guarding fields, barns, private roads, and gardens. Yes, this is an apocalyptic scenario. Not a likely one. But if it happens, it’s a Level Three or Level Four emergency—delivered to your own front yard.

6. Get advance word on local conditions when traveling. We’re used to hopping into our vehicles or onto airplanes and going wherever we want to go. But as the worldwide economy deteriorates, it’s wise to keep an eye on our destination. Right now, this warning pertains more to overseas travel than jaunts within the U.S. If you plan to go abroad, visit online sites like They’ll have bulletins about adverse conditions in areas you plan to visit; you may even be able to receive alerts via email that will warn you about anything from political protests to disease outbreaks in places you plan to go.

7. Watch for signs of trouble when in an unfamiliar area. Sometimes the only advance notice you get is the notice your own senses give you. When walking, driving, biking, or otherwise traveling in unfamiliar places, stay in what gunfolk call “condition yellow.” This is different than the meaningless colored threat levels the Department of Homeland Security puts out. It just means “be alert!” Never simply allow yourself to slouch along obliviously. Always be aware of who’s nearby and what’s going on around you. If you spot trouble developing, turn. Avoid it if at all possible.

8. If you stumble into a “hot zone” of unrest, be prepared to think on your feet. Not many people are qualified to give you advice about how to behave if you unavoidably find yourself in the midst of trouble—a riot, a mass protest that suddenly engulfs your familiar downtown, a spot where police are bashing heads or hurling tear gas seemingly at random. That’s because not many people have ever been there and every catastrophe is different. If street-level chaos surrounds you, do your best to keep a cool head, move away from the worst of it if you get the chance, and get inside if possible.

9. If you’re swept up in mass arrests during a riot or demonstration, the officers probably aren’t going to be listening to your protestations of being an innocent bystander. You’ll only tick them off and possibly get a charge of resisting arrest. The best advice I’ve received from my friends who’ve been busted during out-of-hand protests: Go along as best you can. Usually, all charges in such cases are either dropped or reduced once calm is restored. Only if we’ve reached the extreme point where police are rounding people up and throwing them into detention camps or “disappearing” them is fighting cops on the street likely to be worth it; then…fight like a demon.

10. Have a good lawyer and carry his or her card with you. Once again, in the heat of chaos it may not do you much good. But that card will come in handy later. Besides, if you and a police officer have an encounter in calmer circumstances, a lawyer’s card, along with your calm assertion of your legal rights, will help you to be taken seriously. Police officers are like anybody else; they’re more likely to go after easy targets than ones who are obviously knowledgeable and prepared. My lawyer has a helpful little list on the back of his card of the things you should do—nor not do when accosted by a police officer. I’d trust that more than my own nerves in a tight situation.

11. Be careful of roadblocks. This is a hard one. If we reach Level Three or Four of unrest, we may not only see the obnoxious police “checkpoints” we’re burdened with today. We might also see two other things. One would be expanded police roadblocks, with warrantless searches, harsh questioning, and possibly mass arrests. Another could be “freelance” roadblocks—roadblocks set up by anybody from political protesters to highwaymen. (Just as gangs of home invaders now masquerade as SWAT teams, highwaymen might masquerade as government officials to rob the unwary.) If it’s humanly possible, avoid roadblocks. It’s not illegal to turn away from them, as long as you don’t disobey any traffic laws. Police do consider it suspicious behavior and may come after you, even if you’ve done nothing wrong; but in a time of civil unrest, avoiding a roadblock could save your skin. Of course, both police and freelancers will set up their blockades to make them as hard as possible to avoid—all the more reason to be alert, know where roadblocks are likely to be, and have a mental map of alternate routes. If, in a time and place of unrest, you’re in a line approaching a roadblock, watch what happens to the people ahead of you. If you see any sign that the motorists ahead are being abused, get out of there.

So far, we’ve talked mostly as if civil unrest is something apart from us—something we might have to be wary of, something we might stumble accidentally into. But the fact is that as our country becomes less free, we might of course be the civil unrest.

We might resist having our premises tagged for NAIS or having our herds slaughtered for real or bogus health reasons. We might end up fighting evictions (as farmers and many rural dwellers have for centuries during hard times). We might be the ones who say, “Hell no, we won’t go!” when the mobile vaccination van comes to town, or the ones who try to keep our neighbors from being rounded up and sent to camps. Times are uncertain. We simply don’t know.

But in every case, preparedness, foreknowledge, and a cool head will come in handy.
Some of us already have lines in the sand that would inspire us to resist abuses of authority. And that, right there, is something our would-be masters fear—our disobedience. What will happen? And when? Nobody has a crystal ball. But the combination of public frustration and governmental apprehension is an explosive one. Someday, somebody will light the match.

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Senate Blocks Bill To Audit The Fed As Government Prepares For Second Round Of Looting

by Paul Joseph Watson

A Senate amendment based on Congressman Ron Paul’s successful House bill to audit the Federal Reserve was blocked by the Senate yesterday evening on procedural grounds, as Jim DeMint slammed the Fed for refusing to disclose where trillions in bailout funds had gone, while a top Obama administration advisor called for a second “stimulus” package to be prepared.

Republican Senator DeMint had attempted to get a provision attached to the 2010 spending bill that would have removed restrictions on auditing the Fed’s discount window operations, funding facilities, open market operations and agreements with foreign central banks and governments.

However, the amendment was blocked by Senate authorities who claimed that it violated rules for provisions attached to spending bills.

Of course, when the elite want to get their own legislation rammed through, such as the recent climate bill in the House, it’s perfectly fine for Congressmembers to be prevented from even reading it, for it to have 300 pages added at 3am in the morning before the vote, and for all kinds of pork barrel to be attached. But God forbid should representatives actually try to pass something that would benefit the American people and not the private bankers that are beyond all scrutiny and above the law.

DeMint said that the Fed has enjoyed a monopoly over money and credit in the United States since 1913 yet has never been transparent or accountable to Congress, while during that time the dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power.

“The Federal Reserve will create and disburse trillions of dollars in response to our current financial crisis,” DeMint said. “Americans across the nation, regardless of their opinion on the bailout, want to know where the money has gone,” he added, referring to the Fed’s refusal to disclose where trillions in bailout funds has gone.
“Allowing the Fed to operate our nation’s monetary system in almost complete secrecy leads to abuse, inflation and a lower quality of life,” said DeMint.

A Reuters article about the Senate’s move to block the bill said that the Federal Reserve was “facing growing pressure as it tries to heal the ailing economy.”
In reality, the Federal Reserve has done nothing to “heal” the economy as unemployment outstrips expectations and the financial picture only looks bleaker every day. The private, run for profit Fed has taken trillions in “stimulus” funds and refused to even divulge where it has gone, even under threat of lawsuits file by Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, people like Ben Bernanke have committed financial terrorism by threatening an economic collapse if the Fed is allowed to be audited.

Read the rest (with video) here.

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Operation Clean Slate 2010

from the Action Center

Our Objective:
It's time to clean house in Congress, and replace our old-school, do-nothing, so-called "representatives" with a new generation of political leadership that will stand up to the entrenched failures of our political system (like 1500-page bills that are passed without being read) and fight for our rights, freedom & prosperity as individuals.

1. They've passed bills without reading them (see one example here)
2. They cater to special interest groups rather than their constituents (see one example here)
3. They've gotten lazy (this one's obvious)
4. They've forgotten they work for us
5. Washington changed them instead of the other way around

ERGO... They're fired!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TASK #1:
Support "Clean Slate" candidates
A new generation of political leadership that will stand up to the entrenched failures of the system and fight for our rights, freedom & prosperity as individuals.

This list is being updated frequently - please check back often & leave a comment if you have a candidate that should be added!

Rand Paul
Senate (still in exploratory committee)

Adam Kokesh
NM District 3 - House of Reps
Kicking out Ben Ray Luján
Adam is almost halfway to the $100k he needs to raise in order to initiate his first round of campaigning. If we can get him the rest of the way there, he'll have a good shot at winning in the primaries.

RJ Harris
OK District 4 - House of Reps
Kicking out Tom Cole
See what RJ needs help with

Jake Towne
PA District 15 - House of Reps
Kicking out Charles Dent
Jake's new website is launching July 15th, but in the meantime, please join his Facebook group.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
SC District 3 - House of Reps
(more info coming soon)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TASK #2:
Identify & Encourage New Leaders
Identify & encourage people who have the potential to be great leaders to become "Clean Slate" candidates.

What is a "Clean Slate" candidate?
* NOT a career politician
* Committed to representing his or her constituents with integrity
* Passionate about upholding the Constitution
* Impervious to special interest bribes
* Understands what the role of our government SHOULD be, as set forth by our founding fathers
* Prepared to stand up to the establishment and demand transparency and accountability throughout government

Priority Replacement Districts:
Top 20 districts in which the "representatives" have perniciously failed their constituents. We need to focus on identifying Clean Slate candidates in these zones.

This list will change frequently as Clean Slate candidates are identified and added, new districts will be targeted. In order of State & District:

Rep. Mary Bono Mack [CA-45]
Rep. Diana DeGette [CO-1]
Rep. Michael Castle [DE-0]
Rep. Allen Boyd [FL-2]
Rep. Neil Abercrombie [HI-1]
Rep. Leonard Boswell [IA-3]
Rep. Mark Kirk [IL-10]
Rep. John Dingell [MI-15]
Rep. Keith Ellison [MN-5]
Rep. George Butterfield [NC-1]
Rep. Paul Hodes [NH-2]
Rep. Frank LoBiondo [NJ-2]
Rep. Shelley Berkley [NV-1]
Rep. John McHugh [NY-23]
Rep. Steve Driehaus [OH-1]
Rep. James Clyburn [SC-6]
Rep. Steve Cohen [TN-9]
Rep. Henry Cuellar [TX-28]
Rep. Dave Reichert [WA-8]
Rep. Tammy Baldwin [WI-2]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I've done some training with the Leadership Institute, and I can vouch for the quality of their programs. If you're considering running for office, or you just want to become more effective in your activism efforts, check them out:
Future Candidate School
The Future Candidate School trains potential candidates and community activists how to run for office successfully and build a grassroots organization. The training focuses on your personal and political preparation for a future career as an elected official and community leader.

The nation’s top policy experts and political veterans show you how to prepare yourself for a successful candidacy.

Topics covered include:
• attributes of an effective candidate
• developing your strategy
• building your grassroots organization
• issues important to conservative constituencies
• fundraising

Campaign & Activism Schools

Fundraising Workshops

Also, Young Americans for Liberty and Campaign for Liberty are making GREAT progress in these areas. Find a chapter in your area and GET INVOLVED!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spread the Word
The only way this works is if enough people are willing to take action. We need to let new people know what's going on, so we're not just preaching to the choir.

Make this happen by blogging, tweeting, facebooking, emailing, having a dinner party, wearing a conversation-starting shirt etc.

Submit blogs & videos on this site to digg, reddit, stumbleupon, current, sodahead etc.


I'm being told I'm "tilting at windmills" by trying to kick out the people who have failed us... but this time, the WINDMILL IS GONNA LOSE.

- Shelly

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Celebrate Secession!

To honor the United States’ secessions (yes, that is meant to be plural; up until 1865, it was the “United States are” not the “United States is”) from the British Empire, the good folks at A Thousand Nations have been blogging on the topic of secession all week. You can find an index of posts here, and I highly recommend them, especially for those of you who have never given much thought to breaking up the United States into more manageable units.

Although those contributions to the debate are ample, allow me to offer my own take on why secession is still a good idea.

1) The most basic reason for supporting secession is that it makes government more accountable to the people it governs. The smaller a polity is, the easier it is for an individual’s objections to be heard whether that be through voting, petition, protest, etc. It also becomes harder for one group to oppress another the more they have to interact with each other. Dehumanizing some distant group is very easy; it is much harder to do with your next door neighbor. In the words of my all time favorite libertarian hero Karl Hess, “Adolf Hitler as chancellor of Germany is a horror; Adolf Hitler at a town meeting would be an asshole.”

But even if some Hitlerian figure were to take over an independent state or town, it is far easier to flee a small polity than a larger one. Getting out of the old Soviet Union was extremely difficult; getting out of Missouri, not so much.

2) The harmful effects of bad policies are seen and felt far more quickly the smaller the polity. A huge nation like the United States or China can easily persist in wealth (or even life) destroying policies for generations because their benefits are concentrated at special interest groups that agitate to continue the policies while the costs are dispersed onto the rest of the population. This is why our government subsidizes corn so heavily. But it would be nearly impossible for Iowa to continue those policies if it seceded. There would be fewer people to tax and more people expecting benefits, leading taxpayers to demand subsidy reductions and corn farmers to care less about keeping them as each individual farmer’s share of the loot would drop.

3) The United States long ago ceased to be anything resembling the republic the Founders envisioned. When the Constitution was ratified there 30,000 people for every representative in Congress, and for many of the Founders, like George Mason who spearheaded the drive for a bill of rights, this number still seemed high. But now with over 300 million people in the country, and the number of representatives capped at 435 there are almost 700,000 people for every representative in Congress–a number that will continue to grow. It may be absurd to believe that one person can represent 30,000, but that just makes it all the more absurd to believe one can represent 23 times that much. It is the equivalent of six people representing the entirety of the American population at the time of the Constitution’s ratification.
We can only restore the level of representation circa 1790 in two ways: expanding the number of representatives from 435 to just over 10,000 or by dividing the country up into smaller polities. The first option raises the obvious question of how an organization of 10,000 could function and where they could meet, but it would also make each representative’s power negligible in exact proportion to how much it would strengthen each citizen’s power to influence her representative, making the whole point moot. The only possibility for each American to live in a representative republic (that’s not my ideal, but I prefer it to the monstrosity we live in now) is secession.

4) Many of our states are as large as most other countries. There are more people in California than Canada; more in New York than Taiwan, Australia, or North Korea; more in Florida than the Netherlands; almost as many in Missouri as Ireland; and more in Texas than Austria, Switzerland, and Isreal combined. Furthermore, our state economies are even larger than our populations relative to the rest of the world. Check out this map to see what country the GDP of each state matches up with; it’s pretty mind boggling. New Jersey is on par with Russia; Nebraska with the Czech Republic; North Carolina with that supposed paragon of social democracy Sweden. The most common objection I hear to secession is that the states are too small to survive on their own, but that position has no basis in reality.

So given all this, why not secede? What exactly do we have to lose but trillions of dollars in debt, an overly aggressive foreign policy that does nothing to keep us safe, and federal taxes that are sure to only go higher? So citizens of America….uh, disunite?

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Dr. Mary Ruwart's Shocking Plan to Reduce Healthcare Costs by 80% (Without Spending $2 Trillion)

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Criminal Rothschilds

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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Most Powerful Military Force in the World is the American People

by Jeffrey Grupp, Restore the Republic

The Most Powerful Military Force in the World is the American People. It is the Last Jeffersonian Militia on the Planet, and the New World Order is Powerless Against it

“Divine providence has given to every individual the means of self-defense.”
—George Mason, “Father of the Bill of Rights”

What is a Jeffersonian militia? It is a scenario where a large percentage of the population of a nation involves the average man or woman on the street (i.e., not a member of the government, military, or police) being armed, carrying a powerful gun. A Jeffersonian militia gains its character by the fact that it is not controlled by any government (unless government = citizenry), it involves potentially all citizens of a nation, and thus does not and cannot resemble a military in the way that most Americans are now accustomed to believing what a military is (which is not a Jeffersonian militia, and instead just a small fraction of the population of a nation: Army, Navy, UN “Peace-Keepers”, CIA secret forces, police forces, etc.). Also, a Jeffersonian militia cannot resemble, for example, a Third World dictator’s goon-squad-of-an-army.

Americans have been largely conditioned to believe that a Jeffersonian militia is something scary – even many in gun culture fall into this delusion. And some Americans even believe that they are safer if citizens are unarmed, and only militaries are armed, and armed to the teeth. That’s the message we get on television constantly, and in our schools and many churches. That idea can be called the anti-Jeffersonian state, or, more aptly put, a slave dictatorship.

But regardless of what Americans may or may not think, the very interesting issue here is that America currently is a Jeffersonian militia, since a huge percentage of ordinary American citizens
(a) are armed,
(b) know how to use their weapon, and
(c) are becoming increasingly distrustful with the government.

Those three characteristics are the rudimentary qualities of a Jeffersonian militia.
Now let’s move on to the central theme of this article:

The New World Order is actually powerless against America’s armed citizenry (militia), and if you don’t know that then you have been tricked (brainwashed) to think otherwise.

America is the only Jeffersonian militia in existence today, and the American public is the largest, most heavily armed military in the world. In actuality, the entire world is defenseless to it – even the New World Order. A four million person army could invade the Atlantic shore tomorrow, and that military would certainly cause some initial chaos, but soon after, it would find out that it is drastically outnumbered and doomed to total extinction, if the American militia simply got up off the couch chose that to be their fate.

We know that the New World Order knows these facts about a Jeffersonian militia, and is deeply threatened by this, due to the unprecedented attacks on the Second Amendment and on gun owners from all different angles that have ramped-up over the past year in America and which are escalating tremendously (see these stories: VFW Inventory of Guns, EPA Shutting Down Gun Range, Gun Confiscations for Law-Abiding Citizens, Gun Confiscations After Tornados, Corporate Media all in Unison on Gun Confiscations). Television, poor nutrition, pharmaceuticals, laziness, fake churches, public school education, and addictions have led the American Jeffersonian militia to currently fall into a zombified, drugged, and confused state – like a sullen, caged Kodiak bear in a zoo, softly sleeping in its prison, with its purpose, force, and identity put into a state of misunderstanding and hibernation. But nevertheless, we know the New World Order is scared of the American Jeffersonian militia – especially what the American Jeffersonian militia could quickly become in specific circumstances. This is mainly because he who has the gun has the power, and thus, as always in history, the world governing powers want the guns (the power) only for themselves.

Consider these three points:
1. We all know that the places in America that have the most gun ownership by ordinary (non-gang member) Americans has dramatically reduced crime,
2. We all know that illegal immigrants are coming across the border and doing horrific violent crimes to Americans, and
3. We all know that homicides from guns are just a fraction of how many are caused by the New World Order’s most cherished industries: Big Pharma, tobacco, alcohol, war, and heart disease and heart attack (which is caused more these days by eating genetically modified animals that have far higher fat content than just be meat consumption)

There are so many other examples that could be given, but just these points show that what is unquestionably in the best interest of the American people is to simply embrace the Second Amendment with maximum gusto, just as our Founders taught:
“Among the natural rights of the Colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly, to property – together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can.” —Samuel Adams (my itals)

This means that you should not be going to the gun shop to buy a .22, but rather an AR-15 or a .45 long barrel revolver, for example. Buy a cannon instead of a knife, and an AK-47 instead of a .32. Why do I say this? Because as the quote from Samuel Adams just given states: this is the law of the land, you are supposed to do this, as instructed by our Founding Fathers.

But moving back to points 1-3, the New World Order takes great measures to ignore points 1-3, and to even cause the opposite: less guns more crime, disempowering the American citizens so they are helpless against criminals, putting forth all sorts of measures that increase the power of Big Pharma, tobacco usage (including glamorizing it in Hollywood), and increasing other deadly industries that the New World Order gains profit and control of the world off of. Contemplate what I have just written in points 1-3, and how the New World Order attempts to do what hurts the people with respect to these. This is a “big picture” point of view! Does it get any clearer than this?

George Mason, seemingly precognitively, wrote: “when the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great-Britain, the British parliament was advised… to disarm the people. That it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them. But that they should not do it openly; but to weaken them and let them sink gradually.” This is where we are today. The lying corporate media has us all looking different directions while this is going on, focusing on other, meaningless stories (the gay marriage debate, stories about Madonna, Obama, and Brittany Spears, etc.). And much more importantly, our government-controlled education system in America has never given us the correct story of history that shows just how important the guns are, and which shows what the power of a Jeffersonian militia can do, as happened with the Revolutionary War. That is the point of this article: to show you what history really is, which is the struggle for who controls the weapons. That is what we need to discuss in this article, and this discussion will show us that we American citizens are by far the most powerful military force on the planet.

What is history? There are many ways to answer that question. Control of resources or corruption of the world’s religions are two popular ways to explain history in academia; and in the alternative media it is often more appropriately explained by who controls banking and money. Certainly these are all of the major forces in what history is at its core. But I believe there is a better explanation of what history really is at its core. There is a deeper force than resource monopolism, religion, and usury, and to get an idea of what I am getting at, answer this question: Who controls and guards the resources, the money, the banksters’ money empires, and the fortresses of the fraudulent religious leaders? The answer is simple: the group “with the bigger guns”, as the saying goes.

Let me state the issue more carefully here: history is a story of the controlling class perpetually taking extraordinary measures to disarm the class they control, and due to that ubiquitous endeavor, history has been a horror greater than any Hollywood horror film.

So, what I am saying in this italicized statement is that A causes B:
A = controlling class perpetually taking extraordinary measures to disarm the class they control
B = history has been a horror greater than any Hollywood horror film
A ==> B

A and B are not just coincidentally correlated (simultaneous) in time. No, I am saying something much stronger than that. I am saying that A causes B, and, in other words, if A did not exist, B would not exist.

I know that A causes B because of what I have written about in my previous article about Thomas Jefferson and the citizen militia, and because of the truth of what Founding Father Edmund Randolph said: “A people who mean to continue free must be prepared to meet danger in person, not to rely upon the fallacious protection of… armies.” (Edmund Randolph was Delegate to the Constitutional Convention, Secretary of State under President George Washington, and a man many consider to be one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.) Did you read that right? Armies, militaries are lies! They do not give protection; they are used to attack the people. History teaches us this fact. They do not, and never have, offered protection to citizenries! Protection of the people is only very very rarely what militaries are intended for, and even in those cases where they were purported to be intended to help citizenries, they still ended up obliterating the people (a good example is the American military in World War II, which was supposed to liberate Japan and Europe in the pre-planned Rockefeller-Ford-IBM-created war, but what it mainly did was utterly annihilate innocent citizens (non-soldiers) by the millions all over Europe and Tokyo, and for verification of this fact, see Fog of War).

Rather, militaries are typically assembled by the bloodthirsty keepers of world government – no matter what social era we are considering – and they are turned on the unsuspecting, trusting, innocent, hardworking, and usually unarmed citizens for pre-planned divide-and-conquer scenarios. The stories in history when militaries defeated the oppressing governments were not militaries at all; they were Jeffersonian gun-militias! 1776 America! Vietnam! The factories of Argentina! The other wars of history were, to my knowledge, all one or more of the following: slaughter-fests, staged, bought-and-paid-for by the keepers of world governance, and thus they are not stories resembling the stories of the these Jeffersonian gun-militias. (Some readers might be wondering why we don’t consider non-violent revolution, in the MLK, Thoreau, and Gandhi tradition. The answer to that is: the New World Order is, at this time, using provocateurs seemingly continually, and frankly, in my opinion they are destroying all peaceful protests – and to my knowledge, they did not do this with any such frequency with MLK and Gandhi. Another reason that sort of revolution may not work now is that the corporate mass media won’t cover the a non-violent revolution, and MLK and Gandhi both utterly depended on mass media to focus on them and to act as their “billboard”, so to speak. That won’t work now, and if it did, I think people like Alex Jones, Cindy Sheehan, Luke Rudowski, and so many others, would have bought this country through a MLK-style non-violent revolution already.)

Also, I know that A causes B because it’s just simple logic: if ruthless terrorists get control of the money and resources of a land, they will seek to remove the power (guns) from those they control in a tireless, unrelenting manner. Without guns, ultimately you have no power to own (control) land, to farm, to participate in government, or to possess resources. In a Jeffersonian militia we exploit our inalienable right do any of these; without the guns, it’s just a matter of time before we are living on a plantation, as we are rapidly progressing toward in contemporary America. These words I have just written are, of course, just an echoing of the words of the Founders.

So, the story of history is about who controls the weapons, and in our age, that means who has the guns. This is what this article is about, and this is relevant because America is the one nation of the world where the citizens are armed more heavily than any military in the world. Do you really understand what this means? It means that the American citizenry is in control, and they have just been tricked into thinking otherwise! Let me put that in another way: the most powerful social force on the planet is the American citizenry, nothing can stop it, if they merely choose to execute their power!

As Alex Jones has also discussed, the guns are, I think, the only issue, in the end, and as I’ve shown in another article. The guns are simply the last hope for us, no exaggeration, and all the attempts from all different angles that the New World Order is now using to rid us of our guns and protection simply proves how powerful the guns are: since they were invented, they have been the shaper of history. So, really, the battle of the takeover of the American people by the New World Order will be won or lost before it fully starts (if a visible war ever commenced, rather than the current “quiet war” with “silent weapons”), since it will be decided by how Americans resist or give-in to the New World Order’s attempts to take our guns, kill gun culture, and disband the last significant Jeffersonian militia on the planet.
In the era of guns over the past several hundred years, there has never been a case where a government (banking elite and its military) could overtake an armed Jeffersonian militia of reasonable size. A good example is the Revolutionary War – which is that war for the independence of this nation that your government-controlled schools “forgot” to tell you about in any detail. (If you want a refresher, see: Alex Jones interview with Sam Damewood.) This is a pretty clear-cut issue: if citizens of a reasonably sized nation form a Jeffersonian gun-militia, they are free, and they are impervious to attack, and if they don’t, well, then you get Rwanda, Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia (20 million dead Christians!), Cambodia, Tibet, the American Indians, American slavery, the IMF-induced economic crash of Jamaica, the utter poverty, and government corruption and domination of present-day Africa, Mexico, and the concentration-camp-like-state of most of the current world that you never see on Fox News or on Oprah (they discuss Darfur, but that is going on all over the world, so why only discuss Darfur and ignore, for example, Mexico?). Most of the world currently looks like a concentration camp and/or a labor camp (since most of the world is a horrific Third World, which resembles a concentration or death camp, see War Against the Third World, Fourth World War), but the problem is that in our perfumed media that even many of the info-warriors are still all-too influenced by, we are not told about this. Our schools tell us that slavery and concentration camps existed in the past, in Germany during World War II, or on the plantations of America in the 1800s, but that means that our schools are blatantly lying to us, since concentration-camp-life is all around us, literally comprising most of the social world (think of our prisons, our “Constitution-free zones,” public schools, airports, hospitals, court houses, and militaries). I have a friend who works for Big Oil, and he frequently travels over to Africa to do work, and while there he must live in an armed compound (prison) so that the “local people” won’t try to kill him (that’s what he says), because they live in such incredible poverty and slavery that they don’t even have toilets or showers! Many don’t even have beds, and they sleep in the “village” center on the ground in the dirt at night. And what can those Africans do about it? Answer: nothing. Why? Because they don’t have power (guns). They don’t have farming or land skills anymore, they don’t have books and nutritious food, but most importantly, they do not form a Jeffersonian militia, and that means that, as my friend says, “it’s just amazing how little the ‘people in charge’ care about the people that work for them and make them rich.”

Now hear these words carefully: most of the world is in this sort of an unspeakably impoverished and even concentration-camp-like state, America is the last holdout, and all steps are currently being carried out by the New World Order to transform America into such a slave-state and Third World labor camp.

This is occurring in so many ways: removing manufacturing base of America, freezing minimum wage to ridiculously low (poverty) levels, poisoning of food and water in America, Sovietizing public education, attacking the Second Amendment, attacking farmers, leaving the borders open, government attempts to eliminate gardening in America (that’s a big one, since that is a main element in making people helpless — removing their abilities to work the land — that’s why American Indians were put on reservations and their kids were put in boarding camps/schools, sort of like an extreme family destruction, where our public school system is a softer form of that). That’s just a small list that could be given. This has been done over-and-over, the New World Order is quite good at it, and we’d better figure that out pretty quick, because we Americans sure are going down that path. The lying corporate news media (that same news media that told us from 1991-2003 that Iraq was a threat) now is telling us there’s nothing to worry about, the “recession is almost over”, just sit back and watch more “Must See TV.”

Americans, however, unfortunately do not have any idea of this real story of history, and thus they do not have any idea of the utter power they hold due to the fact that they currently form the loose skeleton of a Jeffersonian militia – which is literally a needle in the haystack of history: an armed populace, unlike the unarmed multitudes of the past who have been annihilated through the eons of history. One man with a gun can control a hundred without one. The gun is the ultimate instrument of power in our world. Remember how Hitler first instituted gun control because of so-called hunting accidents (which were probably staged), and look what happened. Remember how the 1800s US government made it illegal for slaves and American Indians to own rifles, and look what happened. Think of the medieval and Enlightenment kings of Europe making it illegal for those not of his armies to own swords. An armed citizenry is precisely what the world needs, and which only exists in America.

So, why is a Jeffersonian militia so powerful? For one simple reason, which can be stated in one sentence: the New World Order is nothing more than a big room full of ridiculous people who control the world by money. But as stated above, money is not as powerful as controlling the world by the gun. What this means is that if The New World Order tries, for example, mass roundups for throwing Americans into their FEMA concentration camps, as they certainly are gearing up to do, if the American Jeffersonian militia awakens to that agenda, the New World Order will not get that agenda very far off the ground (unless Americans succumb to fear and let them – this room full of ridiculous people – run over them). So, as you can see, and as I showed in my other article, the Jeffersonian militia is the single #1 most important thing for our freedom, the answer to all our problems, the death of any sort of tyranny, and what that translates to us that our guns are the #1 most important thing to our freedom, as Alex Jones has said so many times.

So, on that note, we can sum up our freedom and our destiny in one sentence: in America, we already have the armed Jeffersonian militia, now we just need proper education – nothing is more important than that. As far as the New World Order is concerned then, all the scary things they imply they are going to do to us (FEMA camps, etc.), well, they can’t in a Jeffersonian militia state, so what are so many of us afraid of? I will get into this in more detail below.

“What can I do about it all!?” How many of us have heard that one when we’ve tried to awaken others to the specific, documentable problems going on with America regarding the New World Order? We have all heard this, and we have all seen this “I-can’t-do-anything-about” mass-delusion epidemic that has sickened America. This is why the New World Order system works as it does. This attitude will change then the New World Order pushes their savagery enough. The American Jeffersonian militia will sit back and just want to be left alone until the New World Order chooses to push hard enough to start their pre-planned divide and conquer program. But as stated, the power does not exist with them. They are a room of ridiculous people with the power to create money and with a few armies at their disposal, but the American populace is the largest military force in the world. So, from that perspective, the New World Order is powerless. Yeah, that’s right, the power of the New World Order is an illusion. They are like the Nazis, who would send people into a town they intended to take over to talk up their Nazi-power, their military strength, wherein everyone one would roll-over and give up, but then when the Nazis came into the town, they’d be just a quite small force. The power is always with the mass of the human populace (in all ways, not just regarding guns), but they are just perpetually tricked into thinking they are powerless. It’s a psychological warfare technique, as Alex Jones has so often said. Here, let me illustrate…

If you have a corporation (of any size), and there is a “person in charge” on the one hand, and the workers who actually do the work on the other hand, who is really in control of the business here? Well, the average TV-and-hotdogs American, without even thinking about it, quickly and confidently belches out: “oh, of course the manager-controller is! There would be chaos without ‘somebody in charge.’” But that is only an idea. And is the idea right? Of course not; and here’s why. To paraphrase from my book, Corporatism: if the “person in charge” does not show up for work on some given day, work can go on that day; but if the workers do not and only the manager shows up, no work goes on that day. So that makes it appear that the workers are in charge, doesn’t it? So why do we believe the opposite, wrong idea here in corporatist America? Answer: we have been taught the wrong idea, and, well, who is questioning it?

Oh I can hear the confident comebacks out there from the ESPN-and-beer Americans, who probably all would snap back and confidently say something like this: “the workers working without a ‘person in charge’ is a nice idea, but it would just never really work in the real world, and it never has.” Really? Well, if that’s true, then how come if you watch the excellent documentary, The Take, which is about factory-workers all over South American who kicked “the bosses” out and created factories of the people, run by the people, for the people, you see that it certainly is not chaos that ensues when “the boss” are kicked out, and rather it is increased productivity, and thus increased profit-making for the workers! In fact, this has happened all over the world – Americans have just not heard about it because it was not on prime time cable TV. And let’s add to this a bit before we go on… Such factories-for-and-by-the-people are the ultimate expressions of actual capitalism: each worker earning the most money to therefore store up the most capital. This is the diametrical opposite of contemporary non-capitalist American monopolism/corporatism, where only very few have any meaningful capital and/or big-ticket items they actually own (and, of course, your mortgaged house is not owned by you, and if you doubt that, stop paying your mortgage payment [i.e., your interest payment] and see how long you can keep your house). Funny how the lying “conservative” cable-TV “news” shows call that capitalism. So why does the average TV-addicted American think that the “person in charge” controls things? Answer: because that’s merely an idea, based on nothing real (and so, a false idea: an illusion), implanted into their heads, but they believe it, so it works: they think the non-worker (“person in charge”) is responsible for the work, which is, I guess, sort of like saying the honeybee producing the honey does not work for any honey. You see, when people don’t question and use their minds, then all of human existence becomes contradiction, suffering, absurdity, and a waste of our lives. That’s why it’s and info-war: a war where the weapon is false ideas infecting minds (aka. brainwashing).

Now, let’s expand this idea that the human populace is actually in control of the world in order to discuss the New World Order. And let me get right to the point: just like the “person in charge” really has no control, as we just saw, analogously, the New World Order has no power at all whatsoever, period, end-of-story. The New World Order, and any “government authority” of any sort, only exists because we humans wrongly believe that humans need the them, and because we have been tricked into wrongly believing that the world is setup for you to be primarily dependent on people other than yourself (almost a “crazy notion” to many).

Ideas are just ideas, and they may or may not actually represent things that are real in the world. For example, you can think (have an idea about) a unicorn, but that does not mean unicorns are real. They are only ideas, existing only in our heads Also, you can think Iraq was a threat in 2003, but that does not mean that it really was. But interestingly, well over 200 million Americans thought the little desert nation of Iraq, which hardly even had a military, was a threat to the U.S. during the quite long time-span from 1991-2003, but that was of course just an idea, based on nothing real whatsoever! Iraq is/was a unicorn – just like the swine flu, vaccine “protection”, overpopulation, the CO2 “threat”, eco-crime, fluoride being a cure for osteoporosis, monkey-to-man evolutionary theory, and the idea that “The World Is Running Out of Water” (Scientific American): unicorns all! But, returning to discussion of Iraq… Nevertheless, Americans believed in unicorn-Iraq, and off they went, smilingly marching their children into DU-laced Iraq (and Afghanistan).
Let’s consider another example: billions of people on planet earth believed that cave-men brought down the WTC towers on 9/11. Nobody saw them do it, but they were told the cave-men did it, and thus billions believed this story. But nobody saw them do it, there is no evidence they did, and, well, what-do-you-know, it’s just an idea, again! Funny how this all works isn’t it. But in this case, it was billions, not millions, that believed in the unicorns (cave-men) they were merely told about (and not shown).

Another example: billions of people on planet earth believed that a large passenger jetliner hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Question: how many saw it, or at least were in position near the Pentagon to where they could have seen it? Answer: a room full of people (back to that figure-of-speech, again). So, um, why did billions believing that there was a jetliner (unicorn-jetliner, that is)? I think you know the answer. Odd how this all works, isn’t it.

How much of our reality that we think about each day is like this: just ideas? (Answer: perhaps most of it, but I don’t have time to discuss that here.) Who is giving us these ideas? (Well, that’s an easy one to answer.) Why do we believe them, when they don’t obey what our eyes tell us is real?

Now, here’s the point: this is the nature of the power of the New World Order: the New World Order is ultimately an idea, nothing more! The New World Order’s power only exists in abstract reality (i.e., unicorn reality, and fear-based reality), not in logical, concrete reality, as discussed above. The New World Order’s power is a unicorn in our minds because we have been tricked into believing it exists and has power over us by all the propaganda we Americans take-in on TV daily.

Lastly, in this article, I want to talk about something so many are fearing so greatly: mass roundups and FEMA camps. To start this, let me quote an interesting scholar in the alternative media, Clif High (this passage is paraphrased slightly):
The New World Order only has threats, not a means to enforce the threats. If they tried to round up even just a few million people in America, especially when so many people have guns and will start shooting, and when news of the roundups would travel fast underground among the people, they [the New World Order] simply could not get the manpower to do it: it’s an impossible task.

This passage echoes what Alex Jones has been telling us for years: you need many tens of thousands of troops to roundup a million or five million Americans, and it simply won’t work when the citizenry is armed. Do you see how correct Jefferson was? This is not Nazi Germany, where the people were first disarmed and then rounded-up. In Nazi Germany (like other places with disarmed populations), roundups were simple, I am sad to say. Here: a different story. Here’s why… If roundups started, when word of this got around – and it would – that roundups are happening here in America, people will get ready, and would start shooting, often with a passion and inner-fire of Jeffersonian freedom in their hearts and minds. And do you think roundup police are going to continue to march into that, when there is, frankly, huge risk to them? Answer: no. This is not like the scenario of a SWAT team, where people are unsuspecting, totally caught-off-guard and usually unarmed or Amish or something. This also is not like New Orleans after Katrina, where word of the activity of the Blackwater goons had not gotten around yet, where people were caught off-guard (like the SWAT scenario), and where so much of the city was a hoard of semi-entranced, disarmed, starving, often even half-dead people totally confused and dazed. No. This will be prepared America: the resistance (to anti-Constitutionalism and to black-as-hell-tyranny), to use Mark Dice’s phrase.

How many of you have been sitting there cowering because you are afraid of concentration camps, but you never stopped to notice that it’s quite likely a logical impossibility that it will ever happen here. Roundups would stop after a just a few significant shootouts, because the rounders-up will soon face many circumstances where they are decimated.

Remember that movie, Jurassic Park, where at the start of the movie, we saw the computer engineer of the Jurassic Park island run his jeep off the road, wherein he was face-to-face in the mud looking into the eyes of a little, almost cute, frilled lizard-dinosaur? What did that lizard do? It quickly made itself look big by fanning out its frills and screaming horrifically, immobilizing the man (by fear) in order to spray its poison on the man. The man actually had nothing to worry about; all he had to do was back away hastily before the fear-factor of the frills could be implemented by the lizard, or maybe even after that, when the frill and screaming had started (but before the poison flew). But the man did not know this, and did not know that there was therefore nothing to fear at all. The lizard making itself look bigger was not a real threat (it was a unicorn-threat, like the New World Order), but was merely used to put fear into the heart of the man, to get him to lose his rationality, to get him to freeze-up long enough so that the little lizard-dinosaur could spray the poison liquid onto him. But, again, the freeze-causing frilling of the lizard was just an illusion of threat, a display, not based on anything real (not based on actual danger to the man: it was a unicorn-threat). The lizard was really not that big, and the horrific roar, well, that was also just, um, sound waves – how much harm are those, really? The lizard masterfully, successfully put forth a false appearance, showing the lizard to be far larger and scarier than it really was.

The New World Order has only frills and horrific roars (threat-making), but no way to inflict it’s poison (mass roundups, gun confiscations, etc.) unless we have fear and then consequent irrationalism (like the man in Jurassic Park freezing and succumbing to fear). The problem is: this tactic has worked for the New World Order in the past (on unarmed citizenries). So, as stated above, since we already have the weapons and comprise a Jeffersonian militia here in the United States, we then need to realize that our most important tasks are resisting gun control and realizing that this is an info-, education, and deprogramming- war.

How many times have some of us heard somebody say, “oh, you can’t take on the New World Order! They have too many microwave guns, robot warriors, chemical and biological weapons,” and so forth.

In light of what I have written in this article, does this many any sense? So now they want us to believe that an AK-47, a 12 gauge, or a .357 Magnum cannot do any damage to a stupid little robot on a cart? I guarantee you that my AK-47 would turn that thing into a beautiful shower of sparks – a humorous clump of tin! Are we supposed to believe that a microwave gun can’t be damaged by an AR pistol (and wow, if any of you have seen one of those microwave guns, they just look like big shooting-range targets!)? An AR pistol has a bullet that travels over well-over 3000 feet-per-second. So I don’t care what you have in the line of that thing, it’s going to get harmed in a big way! I don’t even care if Steve Quayle’s transdimensional entities pop out of a super-collider somewhere (as Quayle has discussed on the Alex Jones Show), those goolies still won’t like the sting of a .50 cal Desert Eagle or a .223 round of an AR-15. They might want to pop right back into that portal. Why do you think there’s a minister in Kentucky that is having “open carry church”? Answer: well, to fight evil, of course! How could any religious person (or not religious person) not know that? Even invisible New World Order soldiers are more bark than bite: firstly, they can be heard with your ears (and you can shoot in the direction of a sound, can’t you), and they sure will get a bit perturbed if you spray of bullets from poetic bump-firing a Calico 9mm, or if you give them the thunder of the glorious terror of a Saiga! “Turn the other cheek” is about getting along with your neighbor (i.e., other members of the Jeffersonian militia), as it says in that passage in the Bible, and it’s not about giving into criminal (New World Order) government. And I think we all know Jesus was no friend of big government! That’s why the Founders wrote about how guns were to protect us from government, and not for baseless attack of other Jeffersonian-militia-members (i.e., American citizens, who we are to “turn the other cheek” in brotherhood and Constitutional camaraderie). You know, this almost makes it appear that the sound of an AK-47 when fired by a Jeffersonian is like the sound of angels, watching over us. When I am at the shooting range, I can feel that sound so deeply within me, impacting in ever cell of my body; it feels good, like medicine. And anybody who has been to the range and fired an AK knows that the sound, affecting every cell in your body, actually and interestingly feels almost therapeutic (like sound therapy, I’d say). You can think what you want of these words, but to me, when I hear/feel my AK-47, it feels like angels’ wings! I have said, in another article, that the New World Order has many ways to get rid of as many of us as they want right now. But this article shows that they sure can’t do it by the means I think most of us are fearing more than anything: mass roundups and concentration camps. So, really, there is nothing to be afraid of. The New World Order is just a room full of grumpy old people – frilled lizards all!

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