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Friday, August 10, 2007

No Media Bias

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"We know things are bad. Worse than bad. They're crazy."

by Mike Whitney

Americans don't believe in revolution anymore. It has become a meaningless
event in the distant past. But we need a revolution and we need it now. We
need to remove the present administration and restore the people's
confidence in government.

The Bush administration is not a government at all. We all know that. It is
a crime family-an oligarchy of racketeers. They have no moral authority, no
legitimacy, no right to govern. They're criminals.

Who doesn't know this?

And, yet, our congressmen and senators refuse to do their jobs. They've
"taken impeachment off the table". They have agreed that Bush is above the
law. Fine. Then we'll have to persuade them that they're wrong or find
another way. But Bush has to go. How else can we re-establish democracy in
America? How else can we reinstate the legitimate power of congress?

Every day we read about some new attack on our freedom. Every day our
constitution is further trashed. This week Bush banned public demonstrations
against the war. Last month he issued an executive order that makes himself
dictator if another terrorist attack takes place inside the US. The month
before that the Congress passed a law that makes it easier for Bush to
declare martial law and militarize the country.

We're not asleep. We know what's going on. We know they won't stop until
someone stops them. Why would they? They love power.

Look at Iraq. The millions of protestors in the streets had absolutely no
effect. The congress had no effect. World opinion had no effect. The United
Nations had no effect.

So what happened?

They were stopped in Iraq by men with guns. End of story.

Will it be different at home? I hope so, but who knows?

Leftists, liberals and Libertarians are great at pointing out the details of
Bush's attack on the Bill of Rights---but to what end? For more
recriminations and hand-wringing?

We don't need that. We know the problem and we know the solution---Bush must

I could be wrong, but I think that revolution is coming---and it's coming
sooner than you think. The American people have been hoodwinked and
intimidated for a long time, but we're reaching a tipping point where public
outrage will overpower fear. And that's what revolution is---organized rage
directed at the government. That's why they want to keep us apart, and spy
on us, and follow our every movement. They want absolute power. It's their
dream. It is the dream of evil men everywhere. But it will fail---because
everything they've tried so far has failed. And because the culture of
freedom is stronger than the cynical schemes of demagogues.

We need to see we're not alone. We need to understand that 70% of the
American people feel just like us. They're mad. Mad at the war, mad at
congress, mad at Bush. And we need to stay mad---mad as hell until things
change. And they'll only change if we work together.

But first we have to get mad.

Peter Finch points the way in his prophetic movie "Network"

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Monday, August 06, 2007


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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Congress Passes New Wiretap Bill

From the Bill of Rights Defense Committee:

"Protect America Act" Passed
The vote in the House was 227-183; more than a score of Democrats voted in favor of increasing executive power with no judicial oversight to spy on U.S. communications with people in foreign countries. Telecom companies are also required to cooperate with the government without a court order. The bill passed is S. 1927, the same as the Senate passed yesterday, 60-28. Neither roll call is available yet. So, I can't tell you which representatives voted for the bill.

The Senate roll call will be available at this URL when posted:

The House roll call will be available at this URL when posted:

House Approves Foreign Wiretap Bill

How Congress Was Hoodwinked
As I watched C-Span yesterday and today, I noted the apparent willingness to vote for extending administration powers was often based on the reputation of Mike McConnell, the Director of National Intelligence. McConnell’s current reputation reminds me of the once heroic reputation of John McCain, who was going to vote against torture back in 2005. That is, until he voted for the Detainee Treatment Act. It's the same with McConnell today. He's just a tool of the administration.

That’s why there is no excuse for any elected representative who voted out of fear or out of respect for Mike McConnell. No excuse for not seeing the man behind the curtain. No excuse for betraying our Bill of Rights once again. There are, however, many senators and representatives who saw through the hyperbole, and called this charade for what it was -- an attack on the Bill of Rights. Those patriots are our allies, and deserve our thanks for standing up to fear-mongering.

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