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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Republocrat Campaign Song

Watch the new video for the official Republocrat Campaign song:

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Bailouts (aka Fascist Takeover)

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Pro Libertate: Stormtroopin'

Pro Libertate: Stormtroopin'

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

When did the idea of freedom become a political orphan?,0,5991702.column

by Steve Chapman

"We must, and we shall, set the tide running again in the cause of freedom. And this party, with its every action, every word, every breath, and every heartbeat, has but a single resolve, and that is freedom. "

—Barry Goldwater, accepting the 1964 Republican presidential nomination

This year's Republican National Convention had a different theme for each day. Monday was "Serving a Cause Greater than Self." Tuesday was "Service," Wednesday was "Reform" and Thursday was "Peace."

So what was missing? Only what used to be held up as the central ideal of the party. The heirs of Goldwater couldn't spare a day for freedom.

Neither could the Democrats. Their daily topics this year were "One Nation," "Renewing America's Promise" and "Securing America's Future." The party proclaimed "an agenda that emphasizes the security of our nation, strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, honest government, and civil rights." Expanding and upholding individual liberty? Not so much.

Forty-four years after Goldwater's declaration, it's clear that collectivism, not individualism, is the reigning creed of Republicans as well as Democrats. Individuals are not valuable and precious in their own right but as a means for those in power to achieve their grand ambitions.

You will scour the presidential nominees' acceptance speeches in vain for any hint that your life is rightfully your own, to be lived in accordance with your beliefs and desires and no one else's. The Founding Fathers set out to protect "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," but Barack Obama has a different idea.

The "essence of America's promise," he declared in Denver, is "individual responsibility and mutual responsibility"—rather than, say, individual freedom and mutual respect for rights. The "promise of America," he said, is "the fundamental belief that I am my brother's keeper; I am my sister's keeper."

In reality, that fundamental belief is what you might call the promise of socialism. What has set this country apart since its inception is not the notion of obligations but the notion of rights.

"All previous systems had regarded man as a sacrificial means to the ends of others, and society as an end in itself," wrote the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand. "The United States regarded man as an end in himself, and society as a means to the peaceful, orderly, voluntary co-existence of individuals."

That idea got lost somewhere between Thomas Jefferson and John McCain. What do Republicans believe in? McCain told us Thursday: "We believe in a strong defense, work, faith, service, a culture of life, personal responsibility, the rule of law . . . We believe in the values of families, neighborhoods and communities."

Would it be too much to mention that what sustains the American vision of those things is freedom? That without it, personal responsibility becomes hollow and service is servitude?

Apparently it would. Republicans are big on promoting freedom abroad, but in this country, the term encompasses a lot of things they don't like—the right to a "homosexual lifestyle," the right to protest the Iraq war, the right to privacy, the right not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and more. Conservatives who once thought Americans had too little freedom now sometimes think they have too much.

Liberals, on the other hand, are wary of embracing freedom precisely because of its historic importance to the right. They fear it means curbing the power of a government whose reach they want to expand.

While they value many personal liberties, they have no great attachment to forms of freedom that involve buying, selling, trading and accumulating. Those, after all, can involve selfishness, and Democrats, like Republicans, don't want to protect selfishness.

But freedom isn't freedom without the right to pursue what you value—money or knowledge, pleasure or sacrifice, God or atheism, community or misanthropic solitude—rather than what others think you should value. It includes the right to go to hell, and the right to tell others to do the same.

The latter is a valuable prerogative that we have not yet lost. After watching the conventions, if you have the urge to use it on either of the two major parties, feel free. If he were alive, Barry Goldwater might join you.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Neither Of Them

I got a couple of emails from some people asking why I'm supporting Obama in this Presidential race, since he's such a socialist and probably part of the neo-con conspiracy just like McCain is.

These people are making a fundamental mistake: they're assuming that since many of my recent posts have lambasted McCain, that must be because I support Obama. Remember how assume is spelled: ASS(out of)-U-(and)ME. Don't assume.

I recently also got another email from the folks (aka "Socialist Revolutionaries" mean "progressives"). It was denouncing how McCain and his crew are putting out outright lies about Obama and how this must be stopped. So they asked me to donate $25 to help them spread the word about how great Barak is and how much of a lying scumbag McCain is. I responded thusly:

I won't chip in to help either candidate or anyone supporting them. Both of them are lying, cheating, deceitful, brainwashing hypocrites and warmongers. Both of them have flip-flopped on every issue, lied on multiple occasions, and otherwise been the low-down, dirty, stinking politicians we know them to be. So why are we promoting them? Why even talk about them?

Oh, wait, I forgot. The opposition must lie and cheat MORE than our guy, so we've got to support Mcbama to the very end, otherwise the evil Republicrats or Demopublicans will win! Can't have that!

Wake up. This Presidential race is just another in a long line of wasteful, painful, worthless contests between two dead horses. It's time to stop thinking "Republican" and "Democrat" and start thinking AMERICA.


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

McCain's Straight Talk Express

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama Believes in Aliens From the Planet Kolob

I got an email from one of the "list" I'm on which tends to be fairly religious right-wing and heavily R'd. In the past, I've been attacked for responding to things on that list that were seen as, well, anti-Christian or somehow or other of the Devil. Since I don't believe that abortion is the purest of evils, straight from the pit of hell, that pulsates from D.C. and that all else pales in comparison to this vile depredation, I apparently don't believe in God.

Anyway, this email I got tonight focused on an interview in which Obama (which, for most of these Hannity-lovers means "Satan" or "Beelzebub") apparently slipped that he could be a Muslim. OK, that's taking it out of proportion. Apparently he was talking about the issue of how he's accused of that, but taken out of context, he says that he has Muslim faith. I guess the Righteous Republican Right Chrsitians are having a field day with that snippet. To be fair, this email was not doing so, but merely had a Washington Post writeup on the issue. Of course, the reasoning behind it being sent (when most other news of similar vein is ignored on that same list) is up to question.

So I responded with, as my friend Dale described of my previous post, my usual "flair and reserve." Enjoy:

Why, exactly, is this important again?

Let's say, for argument, that Obama is a Muslim and follows the faith of Islam. How, exactly, does that make him less qualified to be President?

GW Bush claims to be a devout Christian. Has he acted so? Bill Clinton also claimed Christianity as his faith. Did he act it?

I wish people would take their head out of their posteriors and realize that this football game they're showing the minute-by-minute plays on that we call the Presidential race is nothing but a show. It's a bunch of bright shimmery lights designed to take your mind off the real issues, the real problems, and to distract you from noticing what's really going on around you. People think "Oh,the economy's bad. Gas prices are too high. I wish someone would do something about it. We'd better elect a new President so he can fix it for us."


The President's job is to be a front man. We've turned the Oval Office into nothing more than a de facto elected dictatorship because we don't pay attention. We think government is going to fix the problems.


Let's say the terrorists on 9/11 had missed their targets entirely and had blown up the Congressional building in Washington, D.C. Would we still have History Channel specials about 9/11, build memorials to all the poor, dead politicians who gave their lives like heroes, and make commemorative silver-plated plaques for the event? No, we'd talk about the day we were freed from those jackasses who rape, steal, plunder, and murder We The People. We'd probably have a national frikkin' holiday by now!

I say we handle the world's worst terror problem right now, today, without wasting time electing a new anal operative to office. I say we march down to the Treasury Building in Virginia and we blow the place sky high. I say we shoot every cottonpickin IRS agent, DEA agent, and all the contractors who supply everything from paperclips to computers to the Department of the Treasury and throw their bodies out to sea to feed the sharks in International waters because those sons of bitches don't deserve to be buried like Americans.

Then I say we point our guns at Washington and we tell them to leave us the hell alone and get back to doing what they're supposed to be doing, which is exactly what the Constitution tells them to do. If they step over the line, we'll come for them. That simple.

You know why we aren't doing that? Because we're afraid. We're afraid that they might get angry, or it might screw something up, or the boogey men lead by Osama (who lives in a God forsaken cave, you dolts) might come get us. Or maybe because we aren't Americans anymore. Maybe because we're all just a bunch of ninnies who would rather whine about how bad things are and how they should be changed.

Remember when the British told the Scots-Irish who lived on the frontier that they were going to come for them if they didn't support the Crown at the time of the Revolution? Remember what those boys did? They picked up their rifles, kissed their wives and children goodbye, and marched over the mountains to the British camp and slaughtered them like dogs. When they were done, they marched back home and went back to work.

What do we do today? We elect a new slick-talking lawyer to office and hope he wasn't lying to us during his campaign and will actually do at least some of what he said he'd do. What happens EVERY TIME? They forget we exist as soon as they smell the Potomac and we get anal raped again.

I, for one, am tired of being sodomized and I don't care how big Bubba who runs this prison yard is. I'm taking him down.

Now, Mr. [list owner's name removed], feel free to take whatever portion of this you prefer, make it bold and highlighted and all out of proportion to everything else, put two or three words in the subject line that set the tone to make me look anti-Christian and in the wrong, and forward this to all the good Christian ninnies on your list who'll then lambast me with their emails about how I'm going to hell and how they'll pray for my sinnin soul and whatever else. Meanwhile, they'll continue to judge people purely by what their demi-gods Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity tell them and go on believing that if someone proclaims themselves to be a good, honest Christian, that must be so and they'd better get elected over the hateful, evil, obviously-not-like-us opposition. Better if that good Christian also has the holy R after his name. That'll always wipe the slate clean.

Instead of voting, buy guns, ammunition and learn to use them. Send letters to the politicians telling them you didn't vote because you don't like any of them and if they don't give up and go home, you're coming to their office, armed and ready, and they are gonna go home at gunpoint. It's time to clear the temple of the peddlers and the thieves.

But wait? Who will lead us? We need a leader! Someone has to show us the way! Ya, sure, I forgot about that. Maybe Monson or Graham or one of them will step up to the plate for us.


"I own guns, I tell politicians to shove it up their ass, and I otherwise generally act like the American that I am."

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