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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Join the Revolution

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Friday, July 06, 2007


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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Shooter

I saw this movie when it first came out in theaters at the behest of a good friend of mine. He loved the movie and, after seeing it, so did I. Now that it's on DVD, I own it.

The basic premise of the movie is fairly simple: a Marine Scout Sniper is betrayed by the private contractors who are working for his government on a mission in Africa and left for dead. Disaffected, he leaves the Marines and moves to the mountains to live in a cabin with his dog.

Three years later, the government comes calling to ask his help thwarting a Presidential assassination. What he doesn't know is that he's to be their patsy for the operation.

In the end, the powerful forces that run our shadow government, including a prominent U.S. Senator, become the targets for the Sniper.

The plot is thick, but easy to follow nonetheless. The action is superb and the realism of the firefights, long-range shooting, etc. is awesome.

The movie is a great illustration of how the shadow operatives who run our government consider themselves to be "untouchable" and how they have no compunctions against raping and pillaging by whatever means necessary to fatten their wallets.

This movie is great and I highly recommend everyone go to see it. I guarantee that you'll cheer after the final scene!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cartoon Blast

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Join The Military, Become a Guinnea Pig

Former Marine Claims Illness From Mystery Vaccine
Military Source Believes Experimental Shots May Have Been Given

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio -- Target 5 has discovered that an alarming number of
U.S. troops are having severe reactions to some of the vaccines they receive
in preparation for going overseas.

"This is the worst cover-up in the history of the military," said an
unidentified military health officer who fears for his job.

A shot from a syringe is leaving some U.S. servicemen and women on the brink
of death.

"When the issue, I believe, of the use of the vaccine comes out, I believe
it will make the Walter Reed scandal pale in comparison," said the health

Lance Corporal David Fey, 20, has dialysis three days a week. His kidneys
are failing, his military career is over, and he feels like his country
abandoned him.

"I can't look at my old pictures. I really can't," said Fey. "I start
looking at my old pictures, and I start crying."

Fey grew up amid the farm fields of Clermont County.

"I never missed a day at school," he said. "I was never sick. I was never

A passion for sports and a sense of patriotism prompted the Blanchester High
School athlete to join the Marines the day he turned 18.

"I looked at every branch, but I wanted the Marine Corps, because the Marine
Corps was the few and the proud," said Fey.

Fey said he loved every minute of boot camp and combat training at 29 Palms
in California. But on Nov. 28, 2005, his life would change forever. Fey was
one of a group of Marines who lined up for an undisclosed shot.

"They asked us our name. We stood on these yellow footprints, and they gave
us this shot, and we got the rest of the day off," he recalled. "After that
shot, I started swelling up. I gained 30 pounds of water. My eyes swelled up
where I couldn't see. I started snoring. I developed a rash on my hand."

Three weeks later, Fey was back in Clermont County on his death bed at
Clinton Memorial Hospital. His kidneys were failing, and his body was so
swollen that it left stretch marks.

"I would pray a lot," said Fey's mother, Cindy. "I would pray a lot, 'God
take him.' When I couldn't hug my son because he would scream in pain or
yell at me for touching him and stuff, I used to pray to God, 'just take him

Cindy Fey began pouring over medical records in search of answers. She said
the shot was never listed in he son's medical records. The military claimed
he never received a shot.

But as Target 5 discovered, the military's story would change.

The Department of Defense stated that "all service members' vaccinations are
documented in the individual's permanent medical record." But Fey's military
medical records revealed no shot on that day. Another Marine in Fey's unit
told Target 5 that there is no shot listed in his medical records either and
also said that the people who administered the shot never told his unit what
it was.

When Cindy Fey called the U.S. Marine Hospital in 29 Palms to find out what
kind of vaccine her son was given, she was told that the information was

Eleven months later, her son's medical records were mysteriously changed
with a handwritten notation indicating that the mystery shot was a flu

The military official who spoke to Target 5 on the condition of anonymity
said that it was not surprising that nothing appeared originally in Fey's

"We have a lovely term for that," he said. "We call it C.Y.A. That's
unfortunately an S.O.P. in the military."

Fey is one of a growing number of U.S. servicemen and women who are getting
sick after receiving vaccines. And the highly praised Department of Defense
medical officer who spoke with Target 5 said that the number is up in the
thousands. The symptoms range from joint aches and pains and arthritic
symptoms to death.

The Department of Defense said that it encourages "healthcare workers and
vaccine recipients to report adverse (reactions) events." But the military
never reported Fey's reaction to the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, and the FDA.

"I see the way the propaganda and information war is waged against America's
sons and daughters and how patients are treated who claim to be injured from
a vaccine," said the unidentified health officer. "That's troubling. That
should trouble America." The officer said those who have claimed to have had
adverse reactions to shots are treated like it is all in their heads.

Asked whether servicemen and women are receiving experimental vaccines, the
officer said, "I would hope to God not. But from what I've seen, I would
have to say yes."

The Department of Defense maintains that the vaccines given to U.S. troops
are safe.

Meanwhile, Fey is still waiting for a kidney transplant.

"My biggest wish -- just to get up and be without pain," he said. "To get up
and just be happy again."

Fey's mother has been in contact with U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in an effort
to receive some answers. Target 5 contacted Brown's office and received the
following statement:

"My office is in frequent communication with the Marine Corps and the
family, and we've requested answers to the family's specific questions. I
have also assisted Mr. Fey in receiving his VA benefits for health care,
service-connected disability, and education assistance. His mother has been
a strong advocate on his behalf, and I look forward to continuing working
with her to resolve outstanding issues. It is imperative that everything
possible is done to keep the brave men and women serving in our military

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