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Friday, January 14, 2005

Ponzi Scheme

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Defensive Racism

Edgar J. Steele, a trial lawyer who has taken on several high-profile First Amendment cases - many of which centered around the question of "hate speech" or "hate crimes," has written an unapologetic book describing racism and what it really means to America: "Defensive Racism: An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences."

This is a book that everyone should read, regardless of your racial outlook and beliefs. The back of the book says it bluntly: "Two types of people will pick up this book because of its title: those who support racism in some form; those who oppose racism in any form. Both will be surprised to find something here for them."

The final chapter, "New America," contains a poignant entry which summarizes the state of our nation today:

"We have suffered affirmative action and all that it meant, due to a false sense of guilt engendered in us by others about the treatment of Blacks that we never knew by Whites with whom we have nothing in common except skin color. We didn't realize that we merely were trading places with those discriminated against in the past.

"We have endured the spectacle of renaming schools in cities like New Orleans after Blacks, both notable and unmemorable, thereby erasing the memory of our founding fathers. We have allowed streets, buildings and all manner of public property to be renamed, taking off "Washington," "Jefferson" and the like, to be replaced with "Martin Luther King, Jr." and others whose primary contribution to American society has been their skin color.

"Not a single one of the founding fathers has a holiday named solely for himself. Martin Luther King, Jr., has one, though. We know why."

"We witnessed the spectacle of a statue of American heroes, three firefighters captured forever in a photograph raising the American flag over the WTC ruins, mongrelized in the name of diversity, whereby two of the three White figures were displaced by a Black and a Latino, respectively. We know the truth." (pg. 346, emphasis supplied)

Today's climate is one of "reverse racism" in which the only race capable of being "racist" are white people. We pretend that racial differences do not exist and that "we're all the same," ignoring what we know to be fact (both scientific and historical). Only non-white "culture" is allowed in our schools, parks, and venues to be freely practiced without being labeled "racist." Witness the teenager who was kicked out of school for wearing a t-shirt depicting the nativity during Christmas, but the children wearing "Kwanzaa" shirts were celebrated.

This book is about more than just racism. It's about our nation's current lack of tolerance and suppression of diversity in the name of tolerance and diversity. It's about our nation's teetering on the edge, about to fall into the abyss of empires past, never to return intact. It's about the New World Order and who's really behind it and how it will pan out.

In our nation's (and even the world's) coming downfall, race will be the deciding factor and motivator. Not because one race is better than another, but because we refuse to see the differences and understand the consequences of our actions. Our ancient forefathers knew what racial differences were, but we (somehow) have forgotten them, to our own detriment.

Relearn them again and rise about the hate-mongers currently running our society.

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