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Friday, March 02, 2007

Arizona Prepares for Secession..

Arizona makes secession preparations
State resolution creates 'insurance policy' against martial law
by Julie Foster
© 2000

An Arizona state legislative committee has approved a resolution calling for
the dissolution of the federal government in the event that it abolishes the
U.S. Constitution, declares martial law or confiscates firearms -- scenarios
some say are not unrealistic. Critics of the resolution, however, call the
measure a "total waste of time."
Karen Johnson, Arizona state representative
Rep. Karen Johnson, a Mesa Republican and chair of the House Committee on
Federal Mandates and States' Rights, authored the resolution which the
committee approved 3-2. Only the committee's vice-chair, Republican Rep.
Gail Griffin, abstained from voting.

Specifically, House Concurrent Resolution 2034 outlines the origin of the
United States, emphasizing the sovereignty of the states and their
constitutional right to "establish a new federal government for themselves
by following the precedent established by Article VII, Constitution of the
United States, in which nine of the existing thirteen states dissolved the
existing Union under the Articles of Confederation and automatically
superceded the Articles."

It also articulates constitutional violations committed by the federal
government as justification for the measure, saying "... the fifty current
principals, or signatories, to the [Constitution] have done well in honoring
and obeying it, yet the federal agent has, for decades, violated it in both
word and spirit. The many violations of the Constitution of the United
States by the federal government include disposing of federal property
without the approval of Congress, usurping jurisdiction from the states in
such matters as abortion and firearms rights and seeking control of public
lands within state borders," says the resolution.

By adopting HRC 2034, Arizona states its intention to dissolve the current
federal government with the approval of 34 other states and, in essence,
start over. Participating states would re-ratify and re-establish the
present Constitution "as the charter for the formation of a new federal
government, to be followed by the election of a new Congress and President
and the reorganization of a new judiciary," in keeping with the original
intent of the "founding fathers." Individual members of the military will
return to their respective states and report to the governor until a new
president is elected.

In addition, each state will assume a prorated portion of the national debt
and will own all land within its borders. After the new government is
formed, the remaining 15 states will be permitted to join the revised union
upon application, as was the case with the original union.

A three-year veteran to the Arizona Legislature, Johnson told the Sierra
Times the resolution is "insurance policy."

"If the federal government declares martial law or attempts to confiscate
guns, the states shouldn't have to put up with that," she said.

Joseph Stumph, well-known author and historian, testified in favor of the
resolution at the hearing.

"We're proposing that if things get as bad as they could get, that these
states won't allow the federal government to put us into a one-world
government," said Stumph, who is publishing a similar proposal in his home
state of Utah. "I don't expect we'll get 35 states to sign on. The American
people are not educated enough on this yet," he added.

The resolution was introduced Jan. 26, and now needs to be approved by the
Arizona House. Should HRC 2034 successfully complete the legislative
process, it will appear on the November ballot for voter approval. But one
legislator does not think the measure will be taken seriously.

Rep. Bill Brotherton, a Democrat member of Johnson's committee, called
efforts to promote the bill a "total waste of time."

"Obviously ... one of the more important issues we have is mental health in
this state," Brotherton said mockingly. "I wonder if we are going to have a
bill on the grassy knoll next to decide who shot Kennedy."

Johnson said she was asked by several Maricopa County residents to look into
preventing the federal government from asserting power not authorized by the
federal and state Constitutions. To Johnson, the resolution is a watered
down, limited version of the "Ultimatum Resolution," written and promoted by

Johnson said HRC 2034 was introduced in response to recent actions by the
Clinton administration regarding the Grand Canyon. On a recent trip to the
landmark, President Clinton declared three new national monuments,
threatening the property and livelihood of ranchers in the region.

Fears of martial law and firearm confiscation are mere "conspiracy theories"
to some, but in light of the elaborate preparations government made for
potential Y2K problems -- including a ready-to-sign executive order giving
Clinton the equivalent of dictatorial powers -- "these fears have become
real possibilities," according to Johnson.

Johnson also made it clear that the action of possible secession should only
take place if the federal government suspends or violates the Constitution
without approval from the state.

"There may be times when the nation may be at war, and such steps may need
to be taken. But the states should have a backup plan if necessary," she

Arizona is not alone in its fears. Johnson noted other legislators in other
states are considering taking similar steps.

Despite her current success with HRC 2034, Johnson is not relying solely on
non-binding resolutions to ensure state sovereignty. She has been joined by
a coalition of six other Arizona state representatives, private ranchers and
other states' legislators in a lawsuit filed against the federal government.

The lawsuit is an attempt to reverse creation of the Grand Canyon-Parashant
National Monument, which covers more than 1 million acres of land, roughly
the same amount as Grand Canyon National Park. The group says national
monument status will affect use and access to its private property, which
will be surrounded by the federal property.

It also asks the court to find the 1906 Antiquities Act, used to create the
Parashant monument, unconstitutional. The coalition's lawyer claims the
president "has taken the act to the point of actually abusing the rights of
people in the West."

The act gives presidents emergency authority to protect threatened federal
lands or "objects of historic and scientific interest," but lawyer Lana
Marcussen said that in using the act for a non-emergency case, the president
has gone too far.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Several readers have contacted me via email over the past few months stating that they'd like to comment, but they don't want to register with Blogger. Geez, what a bunch of paranoid freaks you are! haha

OK, OK, so because this seems like a popular idea, I've enabled comments from anyone (no login/Blogger account required). There are still some measures in place to keep spam from showing up, but I can't be responsible for what gets posted. If it stays relatively tame and clean (meaning no hippie freaks get the idea that my blog comments are a great place to spam their latest Al Gore movie reviews or whatever), I won't change it back.

So comment away!!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Israeli 9/11 Connection...

"The story of Israel's underground army in America - and its foreknowledge
of the 9/11 terrorist attacks - is based on facts, not fantasies, and it has
nothing whatsoever to do with anti-semitism..."

The High-Fivers
More proof the Israelis were shadowing the 9/11 hijackers
by Justin Raimondo

It was the tail-end of a bleak November, 2001: a pall of shocked numbness hung over the country, and a rising war hysteria had nearly everyone cowed. Americans were just beginning to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and focus on what had happened, and how to react. It was very early on the morning of the 23rd when, scanning the headlines, I came across a Washington Post story by John Mintz: "60 Israelis Detained on Tourist Visas Since Sept. 11." Odd, I thought, why go after the Israelis, probably the least likely suspects?

The subhead was even more intriguing: "Government Calls Several Cases 'of Special Interest,' Meaning Related to Post-Attacks Investigation." Apparently organized groups of Israelis had been arrested, and "dozens" held without bond. Inquiries to the Justice Department had yielded this response:

"In several cases, such as those in Cleveland and St. Louis, INS officials
testified in court hearings that they were 'of special interest to the government,' a term that federal agents have used in many of the hundreds of cases involving mostly Muslim Arab men who have been detained around the country since the terrorist attacks.

"An INS official who requested anonymity said the agency will not comment on the Israelis. But he said the use of the term 'special interest' means the case in question is 'related to the investigation of September 11th.'"

It wasn't some anti-Semitic conspiracy crank sitting in his parents' basement, or Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who first linked Israeli nationals to the events of 9/11: it was the U.S. government, specifically its law enforcement arm.

This I found utterly astonishing, because it was clear to me, at that point, that there was a link, albeit one largely unknown in its specifics. Why else were the feds casting their nets around for Israelis rather than Arabs, Persians, and, yes, Muslims?

There was more. The original Post piece was updated: the number of detained Israelis had risen to 120. I had been following the story in this space, and noting its significance, in the weeks before Carl Cameron broadcast his famous four-part report on Fox News, which exposed the extensive Israeli spy network in this country and opened with this electric charge:

"There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks,
but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence
about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed
investigator said there are - quote - 'tie-ins.' But when asked for details,
he flatly refused to describe them, saying, - quote - 'evidence linking
these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that
has been gathered. It's classified information.'"

The story, as it developed in the months - and years - to come, sent me down an investigative path that has yet to reach its endpoint. What we know is this: in the months prior to 9/11, bands of Israelis posing as "art students" [.pdf] had carried out what seemed like a coordinated probing of U.S. government facilities, including locations not known to the public. A secret government report detailing the activities of the "art students" - and their background as highly trained in explosives and the art of telecommunications interception - was leaked to the media, and the story was again in the headlines. But not for long.

This is potentially one of the most important 9/11-related stories ever reported, and yet the number of serious investigative pieces done on it can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand. has been following this from the outset, and you can go here for a complete archive of my columns on the subject, plus mainstream media pieces.

Of particular interest is the coverage by The Forward, the oldest newspaper of the Jewish community in North America. They reported on one key aspect of the Israeli-9/11 connection: the story of the five employees of a moving van company apprehended hours after the twin towers were struck. They had been observed in Liberty State Park, New Jersey, overlooking the Hudson, with a clear view of the burning towers. A woman had seen them from the window of her apartment building overlooking the parking lot: they came out of a white van, and they were jumping up and down, high-fiving each other with obvious glee. Their mood, it could be said, was celebratory. They were also filming the towers as they burned, and taking still photos.

The woman called the cops, who put out a "be on the lookout" alert. I'll let Christopher Ketcham, author of a blockbuster new report appearing in Counterpunch, tell the rest of the story:

"At 3:56 p.m., twenty-five minutes after the issuance of the FBI BOLO, officers with the East Rutherford Police Department stopped the commercial moving van through a trace on the plates. According to the police report, Officer Scott DeCarlo and Sgt. Dennis Rivelli approached the stopped van, demanding that the driver exit the vehicle. The driver, 23-year-old Sivan Kurzberg, refused and 'was asked several more times [but] appeared to be fumbling with a black leather fanny pouch type of bag'. With guns drawn, the police then 'physically removed' Kurzberg, while four other men - two more men had apparently joined the group since the morning - were also removed
from the van, handcuffed, placed on the grass median and read their Miranda rights. They had not been told the reasons for their arrest. Yet, according to DeCarlo's report, 'this officer was told without question by the driver [Sivan Kurzberg], 'We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.' Another of the five Israelis, again without prompting, told Officer DeCarlo - falsely - that 'we were on the West Side Highway in New York City during the incident.'"

This is, I believe, the most detailed account yet published of what actually happened that fateful day, and Ketcham clearly shows that the Israelis were certainly aware of why they had been stopped. The cops practically had to drag them out of the van at gunpoint, and it is surely suspicious that they immediately starting denying any role in "the incident." How did they know they weren't being stopped for a traffic violation? No wonder they were held for 71 days, mostly in solitary confinement, and interrogated. Some repeatedly failed polygraph tests when questioned about possible
surveillance activities. The FBI agents who interrogated them reportedly called them "the high-fivers," because of their odd behavior at Liberty State Park.

The Forward confirmed that the company they ostensibly worked for, Urban Moving Systems, of Weehawken, New Jersey, was in all likelihood a Mossad front. Dominik Suter, the owner, fled to Israel the day after a police raid on his office. The five detained Israelis were sent back to Israel, where they claimed to be innocent victims of harassment. Here they are on an Israeli talk show. Of course they don't mention any of the above, or that they were found to have multiple passports in their possession, along with $4,700 stuffed in a sock and maps of New York City highlighted in certain spots. Ketcham quotes one local law enforcement official as saying

"It looked like they're hooked in with this, it looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park."

Ketcham, utilizing the public record, news reports, and his own sources, has painted the clearest portrait yet of the "urban mover" Mossad cell, and how they shadowed the five hijackers who took over American Airlines flight 77, which struck the Pentagon to such devastating effect. Living, working, and socializing within a six-mile radius of Bergen County, these two groups circled each other until, on 9/11, as a dark pall fell over Manhattan and much of the rest of the world, one applauded the others' handiwork.

Ketcham's story of how the FBI investigation was scotched by high-ups ought to outrage every patriotic American citizen. He cites a source at ABC News - which covered this story on 20/20 in a treatment I consider a whitewash - as saying "They feel the higher echelons torpedoed the investigation into the Israeli New Jersey cell. Leads were not fully investigated."

The same source agrees with the general assessment of CIA officers, and intelligence experts such as James Bamford and Vincent Cannistraro, that Urban Moving Systems was a covert Israeli intelligence-gathering operation, most likely engaged in electronic interception and other means of spying on radical elements within Northern New Jersey's Muslim milieu.

In the course of this, and given their geographical proximity, it is not beyond reason to posit that the Urban Movers were watching the future hijackers, listening to their phone conversations, reading their emails, and otherwise keeping fully apprised of their activities. What made the Israelis jump for joy, as one counterintelligence officer is said to have put it, is that "The Israelis felt that in some way their intelligence had worked out - i.e., they were celebrating their own acumen and ability as intelligence agents."

The story of how this line of investigation was suppressed, both in the law enforcement community and in the media, is a saga in itself. I know that Ketcham worked on this story long and hard, and had supposedly firm commitments from both and The Nation to publish his work. Both projects were killed at the last minute, in one case an hour before it was scheduled to run. What's particularly stupid, in the case of Salon, is that they ran his previous piece, on the "Israeli Art Student Mystery," years ago - and now refuse to follow up their own story.

As for why the government investigation into the Israeli connection was scotched, Ketcham cites a former CIA counter-terrorism officer: "There was no question but that [the order to close down the investigation] came from the White House."

I have to tell you that it hasn't been easy following this story over the years. I was told in the beginning, and in no uncertain terms, that this line of investigation is forbidden, that it's "too hot to handle," and, implicitly, that the truth and the facts have to take second place to political correctness. To even mention this story, in certain quarters, is considered prima facie evidence of anti-Semitism. Case closed.

In spite of a determined effort on the part of some to redefine anti-Semitism to constrain critics of Israeli government actions, there is an equally determined pushback - a real movement to treat Israel as a nation like any other. That is, as a nation with its own interests, which, if truth be told, it pursues aggressively, and not only in the occupied territories and Lebanon, but also right here in the U.S. The story of Israel's underground army in America - and its foreknowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attacks - is based on facts, not fantasies, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism - and everything to do with establishing the full context of the worst terrorist attack in our history.

9/11 was the opening shot of a battle we are still fighting to this day, as our soldiers fall in Iraq, and the hints of a new front in our endless "war on terrorism" - Iran - are hardly subtle. That signal event launched the war hysteria that has only lately begun to peter out.

One of the major reasons why the public has turned against the Iraq war has been the revelation that the "intelligence" we acquired about Iraq's alleged "weapons of mass destruction" was manipulated, cherry-picked, and outright falsified in order to make the case for the invasion. If it turns out that the Israelis really did know - that they picked up "chatter" from the groups they were watching, and gained fairly detailed knowledge of the hijackers' plans - it will alter how we think about 9/11, and change our perception of the perpetual war that ensued.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Soldier Side

Dead man lying on the bottom of the grave.
Wondering when Savior comes,
Is he gonna be saved

Maybe You're a sinner into your alternate life
Maybe you're a joker, maybe you deserve to die
They were crying when their sons left
God is wearing black
He's gone so far to find no hope
He's never coming back
They were crying when their sons left
All young men must go
He's come so far to find the truth
He's never going home

Young men standing on the top of their own graves
Wondering when Jesus comes,
Are they gonna be saved

Cruelty to the winner, Bishop tells the King his lies
Maybe you're a mourner, maybe you deserve to die
They were crying when their sons left
God is wearing black
He's gone so far to find no hope
He's never coming back
They were crying when their sons left
All young men must go
He's come so far to find no truth
He's nevergoing home

Welcome to the Soldier Side
Where there's no one here but me
People all grow up to die
There is no one here but me
Welcome to the Soldier Side
Where there is no one here but me.
People on the Soldier's Side?
There's no one here but me.

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