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Friday, December 03, 2004


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Monday, November 29, 2004

Heil Mein Automobilenfuhrer!

I received a letter recently from the State of Utah regarding vehicles which I own and for which they could find no record of insurance.

The letter read, in part:

"Dear Motorist:

Utah Code Annotated 41-12a-301 requires that all registered motor vehicle owners shall maintain liability insurance in effect at any time that the vehicle is operated on a highway or on a quasi-public road. To enforce motor vehicle insurance laws, an authorized designated agent known as Insure-Rite, Inc. must match motor vehicle registration and drivers license records with insurance records each and every month. At this time, Insure-Rite, Inc. is unable to locate a liability insurance record on the vehicle(s) listed below."

It goes on to say:
"Please respond by November 22, 2004. Failure to do so will result in the revocation of the vehicle registration by The Division of Motor Vehicles, and payment of a $100 reinstatement fee will be required. Law enforcement will be advised that your registration is no longer valid. Vehicles operated on a public road or highway without registration may be impounded. Also, Utah law provides for a minimum/mandatory fine of $400 to be assessed for operating an uninsured vehicle on Utah roadways."

Interesting... I did some digging on "Insure-Rite, Inc." and found out that, according to their website's FAQ ( page, a law was passed in Utah in 1994 that required registered owners of vehicles to respond to queries as to their vehicle's insurance status (hence the letter I received).

Here's what else I found: in 1995, Insure-Rite, Inc. donated a total of $9,950 to various campaigns for public office. Most of these campaigns were for the state legislature and most of those being elected are still some of our most well-loved legislators: Marty Stephens ($250), John Valentine ($250), Greg Curtis ($200), Don Bush ($100), and others. You can find a complete list on the state election's website: under the "contributions" link.

A further look at the bills passed in 1994-95 shows that HB 33 (the referenced bill on Insure-Rite's FAQ page) was voted for by most of those who received contributions from Insure-Rite, Inc... Thank yous for a job well done on their behalf??

Anyway, I wrote the following response to Insure-Rite, Inc. regarding their...uhh...inquiry:

Hallo, Insure-Rite, Inc.:

Heil der automobilen fuhrer! Danke for your letter of November 2, 2004. It is appreciated that you are doing such a good job as enforcer of der Reich's laws, which are created for all of The People's safety and well-being.

While I do not wish to be contentious and appear to be a contrary to the wishes of or call into question the leadership of der Reich, I must contest your assertion that I do not carry the required auto insurance as you state.

I believe that this is nothing more than a simple mistake in der fuhrer's otherwise exemplary database of information. Please reference ze enclosed papers which will validate this assertion on my part.

Danke again for your hard work in ensuring the positive future of der Reich.

Heil mein Fuhrer!

--Aaron Turpen

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